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Domestic violence victim advocates withdraw bid with SRS

Does anyone know what, if any, reasoning was given to back up these crazy new requirements? This is an honest question; why does the Brownback admin think that all DV survivors should have to undergo a pscyh eval?

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Woman sues Honda in small claims court

Looser? Is that like the new, looser slots they have a the Isle of Capri Casino?

But seriously, I'm willing to bet that Honda will be asking for attorneys fees, assuming that you can actually do that in small claims in California.

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Woman sues Honda in small claims court

Also, if the dealer told her the car would get 50 mpg that might not be Honda's responsibility since they probably don't direct control over sales tactics at individual dealerships. Regardless, it's pretty common sense knowledge that you're going to get the worst possible mpg sitting in stop-and-go traffic, especially after six years of wear and tear on the car.

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Woman sues Honda in small claims court

That's what she's getting now that the car is 6 years old and the battery is wearing out. It doesn't say what she got when the car was new.

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Woman sues Honda in small claims court

Um, as a lawyer she's aware that small claims decisions can be appealed, right? If she wins I doubt Honda is just going to say "Oh, well, I guess we'll just leave it at that and leave ourselves open to millions of other small claims cases!"

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Citigroup earnings rise 74 percent, to $3.8 billion

Or at the very least pay their account holder a better interest rate, or pay their lower-level employees a better wage...

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Federal judge orders Kansas to fund clinic

Not the ones you mention, but they do provide grant funding for other non-profits.

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Lawyer: Mom of missing baby has 'nothing to hide'

How so? I haven't gotten that impression at all. Public opinion didn't really start to turn against her til she stopped cooperating with the police and went on national TV and announced that she failed a lie detector test. I'm sure she felt like the police were being too hard on her when she was being questioned, but that wasn't exactly in public.

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3-judge panel in Lawrence hears appeal of Matthew Jaeger, who was convicted in 2009 of kidnapping and mutilating his ex-girlfriend

I don't think that's true... I think they get appointed counsel at trial if they can't afford it but I think they're on their own if they want to appeal. Could be wrong, though.

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