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City urged to allow potbellied pigs

As a potbellied pig owner of over 20 yrs, I can attest that smell is not an issue if the pig is provided a clean place to do their business. We showed our pig a place in the yard and that's where she went. Made clean up pretty easy. Because we had the space, that worked for us, but pigs are so easy to train that a litter box is an option, too. In our experience, they prefer to be clean. They love baths and they love to snuggle against their person.
We actually had a hog farmer tell us that pigs would always smell "like pigs", and actually came to our home, got down on the floor with our pig and sniffed. The surprise on his face was priceless - but he did acknowledge that lacking the barnyard and smells associated with that, the pigs would not develop that pig aroma. In this regard and with our experience with a house pig, I must respectfully disagree with the state veterinarian. Simply not true, and our own vet could attest to this as he has been here and has seen her in our home.
I would suggest adding to the code that the pot bellied pigs be spayed or neutered in order to be licensed in the city for the reasons stated above.
Our little pig was about the size of a fat basset hound, slept in a nest of blankets in the laundry room and loved the woodstove in the winter. Provided with the correct diet and moderate their intake of snacks and scraps, they will not get overweight.
Pot bellied pigs are a good pet option for a lot of people and are considered hypo-allergenic for those sensitive to the dander of cats and dogs.
We enjoyed our time with our little pig. She lived 20 years, so the commitment could be huge.

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