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Buffett rule won’t close federal deficit

Making a dent in the federal deficit will require two actions:

1) Raise taxes, dramatically, for all income levels
2) Cut spending, dramatically, for all government programs

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Man accused of striking 16-year-old during alleged road-rage incident

If you pulled a gun on me, I'd take it away from you faster than your old, fat ass could process what was going on and pump sixteen rounds into your head. Either that, or I'd pull my own and do the same

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Public broadcasting dealt setback in House Appropriations Committee

That lady in the picture is kinda hot.

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The Making Of Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin is a know-nothing MILF whose only purpose is to mesmerize middle-aged, god fearin', gun-totin' idiots whose perceptions and life patterns are as shallow and self-serving as her own.

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John McCain Gets It - Why Doesn't Obama?

Bullshlt.There is only one reason why McCain is trying to weasel his way out of this debate--he knows he's going to lose; and worse, he knows the real cause of this financial crisis is a direct result of his party's disastrous policies.If this so-called "financial crisis" is anywhere near as important as everyone seems to think it is, then the obvious choice for ANY candidate would be to use it as an opportunity not only to educate voters about what went wrong, but also to outline their proposals on how to fix the problem and prevent future reoccurences.McCain, of course, can't do any of these things, so the most logical course of action at this point, he figures, is to try to pull a stunt that will make him look more "presidential."It's going to backfire, though.Just like his VP selection--of a know-nothing, airhead MILF from BFE --backfired. Obama should have immediately come out with a statement like this:"I have indeed been contacted by the McCain campaign regarding his proposal to delay the presidential debate in order to attend to the 'financial crisis' this country is currently experiencing."While I sympathize with everyday Americans who have been affected by this crisis, and continue to be affected by it, I believe Senator McCain's proposal is motivated by politics. Postponing a presidential debate at the height of a crisis is unprecedented, and deprives the American people of an opportunity to hear how Senator McCain plans to handle not only this problem, but many others that an American president will face."Furthermore, I believe that John McCain is attempting to use this as a crass opportunity to appear more "presidential," while buying time for his faltering campaign. At the very least, John McCain should feel obligated to attend this debate if for no other reason than to explain how the disastrous policies of the Republican Party and the Bush Administration caused this mess. "The fact of the matter is that John McCain knows that his support for the Bush Administration's failed policies helped to create this fiasco, and he is afraid to be held to account for the disaster that his own party caused."I look forward to debating John McCain at the agreed-upon time and place."

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The Oscars Lack Luster

The Oscars are becoming increasingly irrelevant in the dumbed-down, YouTube and iPod society that we live in. Tantamount to the question of "why someone would want to cook at home when they can eat fast food," is the question of "why watch a film, when you can watch crap when it's cheaper and less time consuming?"

On to John Stewart. I'm predicting right now that John Stewart's stock will plummet as soon as Obama is elected. Sure, he's funny enough, but his popularity was mainly due to the psychological incongruity of the "War on Terror" in conjunction with the obvious fact that the "Big Three" networks had completely embedded themselves within the Bush Administration, leaving us common folk who question authority with seemingly nowhere to turn. When people realized this, they turned to the the court jester (Stewart) for amusement.

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The Moment of Truth - Fox's new show

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Oldsters forced to move dances from senior center

Glassman is an extremely aloof individual, and this is well known among his staff. In the time that he's been at DCSS, he's made several unpopular and unnecessary changes that have only disrupted services to seniors, such as "re-organizing" the meals delivery service. My guess is that he probably has a financial stake in running the seniors out of the senior center, bit by bit, until the developers can come in, tear the senior center down, and build that unnecessary new library.

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KU investigating release of private information

Files sometimes have to be kept out in the hall while renovations are going on.

Big deal.

Get a life.

If you are above ground and vertical, rejoice.

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Infrequent flyers

More liberal propaganda

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