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Lawsuit filed in deadly blaze

you've successfully twisted, and misread everything i said.

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Lawsuit filed in deadly blaze

"When you rent out an apartment to someone, you are responsible for making sure that building is reasonably safe. Reasonable means you don't have to spend $20 million to make the place idiot-proof, but you have to take steps to keep up the maintenance and to spend money and effort, if required, to keep the premises safe"


I don't understand why this is such a hard concept for people. Anything purchased 10-20 years ago needs to be upgraded or replaced, houses, cars, electronics, etc. Times have change, and resources and technology have improved. At the same time, certain safety issues, like children in the backseat, have changed.. How does the differ from the Boardwalk apartments fire alarms, sprinklers, escapes, and firewalls? Times change, apartments are expected to upgrade their safety measure, along with granite countertops, paint jobs, and better workout facilities, that's just a GIVEN..

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Lawsuit filed in deadly blaze

Gr, offtotheright,nettieb, and whomever else feels they have the right to say such hateful things about Nicole and Nancy, I am sick over this. I didn't read these responses thouroughly the other day, and so now looking back over it, and seeing that you think you have the right to talk about Nancy's parenting, call her a horrible mother, money hungry, etc. To think you can JUDGE someone who went through something this unthinkable and lost her only child in a horrific way is absolutely disgusting, and appauling. I am a friend of the family and no personally why Nicole chose the boardwalk apartments. She liked the diversity of the complex , and the personality of it. Know one deserves to be labeled as a bad parent for not predicting the future, HOW DARE ANYONE SUGGEST THAT. Nicole worked 3 jobs, went to school full time, was involved in a sorority and had hundreds of friends, who she kept up with on a regular basis. She also had a heart condition which enabled her to do thing she would have liked to do. She is A PERSON, and so is NANCY. i think most of you are so glued to the computer that you've taken the actual person, and feelings, out and say things, I would hope you'd never dare say to someones face.
It is not your place to judge what Nancy does, or why she does it. How dare you say what you would do, when you've not experienced the type of horrific loss that she has. I don't know if you realize how nicole died, but if you don't, why don't you take some time to look it up. Why don't you also look up more on Nancy, her interviews, articles, and also read about the scholarship at KU that was just endowed. You're responses are so ignorant, it's sickening, and I will say that she is not money hungry, and that money is the last thing on her mind. How dare you people. I hope you never experience what she has, and if you do, you never go to a message board like this and read the comments posted. HAVE SOME RESPECT.

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Victims file 2nd lawsuit in Boardwalk fire

Please Please PLEASE take a few steps back and look at this from a HUMAN perspective and think of what you would do and how you would feel if you were Nancy Bingham, or the family members of Yolanda and Jose. Those of you who think you know it all may know quite a few facts, or how the system works, but you haven't walked in their shoes and have no right to knock them or accuse them for this, you have NO right to slander their name, or compare them with slimes who take advantage of the legal system and sue at the drop of a hat.

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Victims file 2nd lawsuit in Boardwalk fire

KS and everyone else who seems to think that the VICTIMS who lost family members in a BRUTAL way are only seeking monetary gain. Get your head out of the freaking sand.

Nancy Bingham and I am sure the other victims family members aren't stupid. They understand and KNOW that there is nothing that will bring their loved ones back. This is not an attempt to do so. I am not sure if you have lost a loved one, but if you think about the way these people died, and what you know from the information that was released, they SUFFERED, and experienced many people's absolute worst nightmare. How do you think these family members and friends have felt knowing this, and then seeing the issues such as basically NO fire suppression system, fire alarm system, fire walls, or escape routes arise? While the Boardwalk apartments did NOT cause this fire, they still hold responsibility for neglecting areas that are vital to fire safety. It was their choice to live there, but that's not something you can hold against them, today's day and age, you EXPECT things as simple and basic as that to be checked and taken care of. It wasn't a random earth quake people, fires happen, and apartment complexes plan and make sure they have everything they possibly can to prevent something like this from happening, alert people immediately, and offer ways to get out (especially on higher floors) and provide fire walls. Jason Rose lit a trash can with birthday cards on fire and inturn the entire place basically blew up in a matter of minutes. He didn't douse the complex with gasoline, yet it spread as if he did.. These things point directly to the owners and management, because taking the out the fact that it was intentional, it's OBVIOUS that if it would have been something random and accidental, the building would have still had the same outcome.

So many of you are quick to judge and throw out your opinions and views on what they are doing and why, but how dare you? What on earth do you know about a loss such as this? Who are you to say what's right, wrong, or what these peoples motives are. I am hoping that the lack of sensitivity is due to the fact that it's a message board on a computer and you would not say these things to someones face.

It doesn't matter WHAT their motives are, they have every right, along with the people who lived, to see justice for this issue. Personally knowing one of the victims motives, I know that it's really not about monetary gain, it's the PURPOSE and the point it expresses. It's not tolerable to have apartments that are basically death traps. Hopefully it will heighten awareness on this serious issue and cause other people to double check where they live and make sure they have these basic things provided and functioning.

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Victims file 2nd lawsuit in Boardwalk fire

offtotheright - your comment makes no sense.
you said
"Why does someone need the management of an apartment complex to inform them 'oh and by the way, this place is a fire trap, do you still want to live here'?"

It's not about being warned ahead of time that they aren't up to date on certain safety standards that apartments SHOULD have, it's taking responsibility for what they did NOT have that could have aided in saving lives. Could it have prevented the fire? No, they didn't start it. But the intensity, speed of the fire and how quickly it spread is a representation of NOT having adequate fire suppression system, adequate fire alarm system and adequate escape routes which are a GIVEN in most complexes.

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Mother files suit against Boardwalk Apartments over deadly fire

i hope you experience what Ragingbear and Nicole did.. I hope you experience what you're mocking, and down playing, or better yet, what we, Nicole's friend's and family have experienced being on the other side and trying to make sense of this. Nancy Bingham is NOT frivolous, and you're suggestion of that just heightens your ignorance. She is EVERYTHING BUT THAT. and if you consider what happened on 10-7-2005 frivolous or basically the result of moldy leaves, get your head out of the effing sand.

This actually goes for all of you who make this into a debate about whether a lawsuit is legit or not for a,b,c reasons.. I hope you never experience what happened on a first hand basis, and I hope you never experience a loss like Nancy and countless others have because of this fire.
All of you need to remember that ACTUAL people are involved in this, and it's not just some forum to throw around assine opinions, and accusations.

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Lawsuit filed in deadly blaze

how dare any of you [imastinker] question nancy binghams motives in filing a law suit against this complex that was basically an INFERNO [like has been described numerous times]

it is a FACT that complex did not meet the fire code by how fast and intense the fire became.

Remember, Jason didn't douse the balconies and apartments with anything, it was all caused from one location, and for it to become what it did is a HUGE RED FLAG.

before freaking out over someone wanting money, why don't you look at Nancy's background, the way she's responded to this, how she's reacted, etc. YOU HAVE NO BASIS to say anything judgmental, or attack her for taking this stand. Personally knowing Nicole, and knowing 2 years ago tomorrow is when she died, I know she would want justice, and not just for herself, but everyone affected. She would want this to become something that EDUCATED other complexes and tenants about firewalls, alarms, sprinklers and the importance of knowing what your complex is equipped with, along with the cities fire codes, etc. There is so much people don't even think about, and the truth is, this fire wouldn't have been as horrific if these things were met.

you people piss me off, Nancy lost her only daughter in a brutal way.
Can any of you freaks attacking her say that their daughter was killed in the way Nicole was???
Knowing what she knows, know what specifically happened and carrying herself with the grace and dignity that she has shows Nancy's true character. Any of you who want to grip about taxes, or Jason - KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.

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Fire chief defends response time

n2005, were you there? what was the response on the latter situation? where would they have been?

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Rose gets 10-year sentence

doesn't change who started the fire.

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