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Panhandling ordinance sees little action

woman shoots panhandler dead for asking for a quarter,2933,2...

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Tired tradition?

make it a festival event. close mass, at least on the 800/900 block. have music. bring back the food vendors (yes i know the restaurants will complain, but they too could set up a vending station outside.) set up small dining areas on the street so people can relax. there are sooooo many things that could be done to make this more attractive to more people. oh, and the merchants could start marking down their stuff like they used to. it's not much of a 'sale' anymore, in my opinion.

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KT Walsh invites art mayhem to her east lawrence home

whatever your opinion may be of her art, KT is a wonderful, lovely person. I think it's great that she's opening up her home for this event.

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DNA advances led to rape suspect

does anyone here know if there is a statute of limitations on rape and if so, what it is?

great job here by the investigators.

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DNA advances led to rape suspect

Great job by the investigators.

Out of curiosity does anyone here know if there is a statute of limitations on rape and if so, what it is?

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LMH chief to receive $100,000 raise

I'm not saying I agree or disagree with this raise and the amount of it...

but I don't see where the article says that the money for the raise is coming from the recent capital campaign? It sounded to me like the raise is because of the 40% increase in revenues last year which is separate from the capital campaign?

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Tax rebate would revitalize

I believe the interest in this program began with Harris' proposal of it for his new development at 8th and Penn, and surrounding neighborhoods began requesting it to be applied more broadly. I give kudos to the current commission for being willing to explore expanding it to the neighborhood residents, who need these rebates more than the developers do.

No one has said that it couldn't possibly be expanded to other neighborhoods in Lawrence besides the target neighborhoods. It has to start somewhere. I'm actually pleasantly surprised that the commission is considering it so soon after applying it to 8th and Penn. Some of you complaining about this are the same folks who are constantly trashing East Lawrence and other neighborhoods as being dumps; now when a potential solution comes along that might help property owners be able to afford to make improvements, you complain again. This isn't taking money out of anyone's pockets. If the program isn't in place, many potential improvements would never happen, so the taxes wouldn't have been paid anyway.

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Losing touch

pelliott that's funny. you're much nicer than i- were it my yard, i would have added extra nails to the 2x4's!!

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Help shunned

i'm guessing that this group went to greensburg with the full intention of causing the supposed reaction that they got from the officials in charge, simply to further their cause. if they were truly there to help that's one thing but if they were spreading their propaganda- and i'm not saying that they were, because i wasn't there- but if they were, then i can see why they wouldn't be welcome.

it doesn't do the residents of greensburg any good to politicize this disaster, which is exactly what this anarchist group is doing.

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Shooting victims return to Denver

Well, I think it's pretty cool that folks in Denver wanted to have a benefit concert to help these guys out. Great PR for them, helps out with medical expenses. A win-win situation for everyone. Wish there were more people like this out there in the world.

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