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Nothing suspicious found after bomb threat at Free State; classes to resume on Friday

When I attended free state we had a bomb threat I believe that was back in 07 or 08 I'm not sure. That was while dr Snyder was still principal mind you. I recall they locked the building down and did not allow us to move around very much with in the building. So I know that at one time anyways their was a plan in place.

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Which KU football game do you look forward to the most?

The first one without Turner Gill

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New Free State High School band uniforms up for approval

I marched in those white pants at free state and do remember the not being able to sit unless you had scrubs and so on. Though the white pants add an element to the show that you just don't get with the black. It's time for them to go. I do hope however that the piece across the chest is incorporated into the new uniforms.

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Eudora police officer goes to Joplin to help following deadly tornado

basehor police department also had an officer in joplin Sunday after the storm unsure if he is still down there

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Tornado rips through Joplin, Mo.

i was in joplin about 45 min after the storm. and for any one familiar with the area, its just horriffic. my thoughts and prayors are with those in joplin this morning.

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Opponents to South Lawrence Trafficway file appeal with U.S. Court of Appeals

in the name of beating a dead horse. as the people that keep protesting the SLT do over and over again. i say the rest of us should protest something in Lawrence that we know no matter what will not change the outcome. How about Sports facilities that always seems to get every one all hot and bothered.

I mean come on people get a life move on, no matter how many times you protest it. it will not change the outcome, as has been proven by the rulings in favor of the project by appeals courts. move on to another fight and learn to know when the fight is lost and over.

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Opponents to South Lawrence Trafficway file appeal with U.S. Court of Appeals

Build the stupid thing already.

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FSHS grads affected by UNO dumping football

It was announced this week that the MIAA and it's partner schools will waive the manditory year sit out if the players transfer to another MIAA school

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KU-Nebraska football to kick off at 6 p.m. on Nov. 13

dont forget also that nebraska was spanked in lawrence three years ago. and even though they have beat us the last two years i would imagine they will return the favor of "spanking" us when we go there to play in a little over a week

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Accrediting organization approves 4-year KU medical school in Salina

dont forget the soon to be added parking garage for the pool i mean the "library"

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