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Planning commission recommends approval of rec center zoning

finally west lawrence will get something. maybe the divide between east and west will finally go away.... oh wait who am i kidding this is lawrence the east side feels so screwed over all the time that they forget the west side of this town is even here. this town cannot continue to operate as two separate sides we must come together and share our resources west lawrence needs the same types of things that east lawrence already has. perhaps a library should be built with this complex??? would be a great way to balance the complex and give west lawrence access to a library.

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A KU license plate in Missouri? It could happen

Would be awesome for KU to obtain this. Pitt State was the first in the state to do this. would be awesome for the Two schools with multiple National Championships each in major sports (KU basketball, Pitt State Football). also considering both schools major rivals are missouri schools. kind of nice way to stick it to those schools

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Sound Off: Why doesn’t KU host first-round NCAA Tournament games at Allen Fieldhouse?

what about the play in games like they hold in dayton and else where why can't kansas host one of those? i doubt we wil be in one anytime soon.

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KU women advance to Sweet 16 with upset over third-seeded Delaware

would be interesting to know the last time that ku ladys and men both were in the sweet 16 together

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What's your favorite brand of laundry detergent?

Tide all the way. if it works well enough to clean the track at daytona to get the jet file up then its gotta work good enough for my clothes. and i have used it for as long as i can remember

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LHS wrestlers win, advance to finals

Congrats to the lhs wrestlers.. But with that where is the story about the free state wrestler that made the finals at the bobcat classic tournament and won the finals this weekend? Way to be fair journal world

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Gorillas rule Div. II

GO-RILLAS! way to bring a football championship back to the great state of kansas!!!!!

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Ex-LHS star Jared Vinoverski steps up at Pitt State

correct number of titles is 3 1951, 1967, 1991. with appearances in 5 title games in program history

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Ex-LHS star Jared Vinoverski steps up at Pitt State

GO-RILLAS and good luck jared. Team left from pittsburg this afternoon hopefully upon arrival back to pitt they have some new hardware. GO GORILLAS!!!!!

BTW kind of nice to see an article in the journal world...

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Nothing suspicious found after bomb threat at Free State; classes to resume on Friday

Part of the logic if I recall was that threat was district wide in the first place. Also if I recall back in the late 90's earl 2000s there was a incident were a bomb threat was reported on the east coast and there was a gunman waiting outside the school for the kids when they evacuated.

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