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City Manager David Corliss to leave Lawrence for job in Colorado

So long maybe he will take with him the idea that roundabouts need to be built at every intersection in town. not to be missed.

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President Obama to speak Thursday morning at KU; tickets available Tuesday

Do we know why they are not using allen or the lied center? Seems like they choose the ugliest of the big spaces they could choose from.

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City planning program to inspect homes for sewer system problems

Good idea the city is getting ahead of this. A community 2 hours south of Lawrence did not get ahead of the issue and the EPA leveled fines against them. In return the residents of that community now have a 10 dollar EPA fee on their water bill. That community is Parsons. And it is a prime example why getting in front of a EPA warning is a good idea it also shows what happens if you do nothing to fix the problem.

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Pittsburg State proving Lawrence and KU not the only university-city sports facility partnership

you are very right. the national championship is what sealed this deal for pitt state. the plans for this facility actually have been in the works since the early 2000's when they began renovating the stadium and added the second level to carnie smith. They also had these plans when they thought they would be able to get the chiefs pre season camps

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Free State football advances to state semifinals; Lawrence High loses

Fight on FIREBIRDS!!! way to keep the season alive.

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School renovation plans taking shape

i guess the district dose not realize that they are more then likely not getting another bond issue passed after the bait and switch they pulled with the last one.

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Bring it on: At long last, LHS-FSHS battle nears


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Coin meters bring change in charitable donations

hey can those of use that have jobs but only make 28000 a year have meters to raise money for us? O wait i forgot the city of lawrence only helps those that won't get a job and is a destination city for Bums and homeless folk.

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City, school district considering lights for Free State High School's tennis courts

Coles_law are you kidding me east lawrence (this includes the LHS area) has most of the facilities. holcomb park, east lawrence rec center, library, university ok Kansas, need i say an more this east verses west crap has got to stop in this town. the days of holding back things from one side of town because its not fair that the other side won't have it are crap.

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City, school district considering lights for Free State High School's tennis courts

and let the whining start about how east Lawrence is getting screwed by this plan...

NotASquichHead: i agree with you 100%

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