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Cost of $8 million per win makes KU football 'worst team for the money,' Forbes says

Sports are almost as much of a false economy as casinos. Why grown adults pay good money to go sit and watch someone else engage in a pointless activity is beyond me. If people are truly concerned with profitability then let sports pay their own way. No more alumni donations going to pay for this or that. Also let professional sports build and pay for their own stadiums and pay taxes on those stadiums.

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City agrees to begin contract negotiations on $25M recreation center

Hmmm...I think I see a great way to save $25 million.

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Charge: Topeka man tried to smuggle cash from Afghanistan

Yes, be glad you elected change. Obama is ending the wars in Iraq and Afganistan. Romney has already said he would send military aid to Syria.

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Supreme Court ruling vindicates Obama on health care

Interesting how people view the requirement to have health insurance..... Or view it as a tax.

Social security (FICA) being deducted from your pay check is essentially a tax. Should that be repealed also?

The state mandates that if you own a vehicle in Kansas you have to have auto insurance...should that be repealed also?

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Santorum wins Douglas County Republican caucus

I certainly hope the next republican president can restore us to the prosperity of the bush Cheney years....no wait the Clinton/gore years...but wait they werent republican....hmm...maybe Kansas should learn something from that.

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Rick Santorum wins Kansas presidential caucuses

People in Kansas will always vote republican. It doesnt matter how good for Kansas a certain non republican candidate could be they wil still vote republican. I have lived in Kansas all my life and as I have grown older and learned to think for myself I have become increasingly shocked at how "republican at all cost" so many Kansasans continue to be. I am certainly not a subscriber to the "whats wrong with kansas" as there is alot right to Kansas when compared to other states. The people in Kansas should wake up and realize that the 100% rightwing conservative approach is not always the solution.

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Concealed-carry changes

I think this explains it pretty well...

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Kansas Senate leader rejects bill to allow guns on college campuses

So if I understand correctly the only people who can carry on campus are criminals who are not going to follow any gun laws anyway. Well at least we all know criminal gunmen never go on rampages on a college campus and women are never sexually assaulted on a college campus.....

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How often would you eat at Olive Garden if they opened one in Lawrence?

How about they put in a McMinnamans in the Masonic Hall on Mass.....

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Do you eat tofu?

It goes great with beef.

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