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Mizzou official: We wanted Big Ten, but we’ll take SEC

Boyfriend - girlfriend? Oh - you little pussy-cat, You're such a flirt!

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Coach, team make it tough to 'believe'

Really tired of the football=war b.s. Google Dakota Meyer and straighten up your head!

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Exit strategy: Oklahoma, Texas regents give presidents authority to leave Big 12

What are these people thinking? Certainly haven't consulted thier fans. Travel distance for the Longhorns to Pac 12 schools would average 2,815 miles. A.C.C. schools average 2,679.
Oklahoma's travel would be marginally shorter especially to the S.E.C. schools, but still a significant increase as compared to their TRADITIONAL BIG 12 RIVALS. Tailgate anyone??

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Oklahoma holds the key to Big 12's future

I wonder too, but what does the sex of the chancellor have to do with the situation?

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Plan B? Todd Haley’s ‘Plan’ goes haywire

Worst ever? As a Colo resident, let me refer you to the late Josh McDaniels, who took the Broncs way down in the won-loss catagory and made the worst personel decisions ever!

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Big 12 realignment chaos quiets down for a change

Legal basis? How 'bout breach of contract. I'm not a lawyer but based on principle, (what a concept) I'm glad some schools are taking a stand.This conference, in one form or another,has been around since 1907. The four Texas schools accepted an upgrade from the SWC in 1994. Now A&M is threatening to take the conference down. How about some loyalty? Also consider what this does to your students and fans.

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Big 12’s future cloudy, with a chance

So A&M feels they're being held hostage. How 'bout the fact that they're holding 9 other institutions hostage? A&M pres. Bowen Loftin should rephrase his statement to read: That really flies in the face of what makes us backstabbers and jerks!

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Kansas will stay in BCS

Could be karma, folks. Not too long ago, the big 8 cherry-picked the SWC to form the now ill-fated big? 12.

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KU takes A&M’s departure from Big 12 in stride

Seems like only yesterday there were ten schools affirming their full commitment to the conference. Who's next?

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Junior hoops player Kevin Young maturing, fitting in

Yeah, lets grab a few more 1&dones so we can start over each year. Way to get down on someone you haven't even seen play. You'll choke on those words when the team wins another big 12!

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