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Letter: Not representative

This is absolutely a failure of leadership. If you recall, he did not lead in the passing of this law either. It was Harry and Nancy. When he should lead, he campaigns or plays golf

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Letter: Chaos in store

the ACA is flawed. Why is Obama granting waivers left and right if it is such a great law? Mr. Hickman, you and the D's are very good at name calling and extreme tactics. If you remember the ACA was never in conference and was forced through with questionable tactics. Now the R's are using questionable tactics and it is "insanity" to use your word. Blame for where we are runs both ways. Unless we quit reelecting the Harry and Nancy and John and Mitch we will witness this sort of disfunction. Unfortunately there are a lot of Koolaid drinkers out there who think Chris Matthews or Rush Limbaugh are speaking for the masses. They only appeal to those who cant or wont think for themselves. Dont be that person.

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Letter: Ineffective Congress

When was the last time we had a federal budget? Under Bush. Obama admin has not past a budget in 5 years. Can we really believe anything that comes out form inside the beltway? I say no.

The Senate under Reid is the worst performing senate in the history of the US. See the Washington Post (hardly a right wing paper) June 2013

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Letter: Ineffective Congress

And by the way Hawkinator, nothing is at "no cost". someone pays for it.

Enjoy the koolaid!

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Letter: Ineffective Congress

If this is so great, why isn't congress a part of it. Why do the labor unions want out? Why have there been thousands of "exemptions" handed out. If this is so flipping good, why are the rats jumping off of the ship?


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School board agrees to Haskell Avenue site for tech ed center

Nick, Where did you get that the "City" was involved in this? The way I read it the partners are USD497 (The $5.8 or $6.5) no change in amount from the bond issue passed by the voters in Lawrence, and the EDC/Chamber that will raise private funds to purhcase the HiPer building. I was at the public meeting held by the school board and they clearly articualted what the plans were for the USD497 portion of the project. It was also abundantly clear that the co-location was a huge positive for the STUDENTS of USD497. Several of the east side folk applauded the Haskell location for its proximity, as did many of us who live on the west side. Since you (and I) are not the folks who will be putting our private capital into the EDC portion, what difference does it really make to you, except your kid or you may have better technical training opportunities?
In all honesty, I do not think you understand this project and what they are trying to accomplish.

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Chamber urges joing forces with school district on technical education center

1, what tax dollars? The land will be "gifted" to USD 497
2. This is what we voted for.
3. What do you need, Dickie, for evidence?
4. Working for 200 years, may no longer work. wake up buddy. Skip the decaf
5. Fiscal Responsibility? not sure what your thinking here.

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Chamber urges joing forces with school district on technical education center

Dickie is the only person on the face of the planet that would not like this arrangement. This is a great proposal and a Win/Win for all involved. Please give this 100% support. Rick Doll, Patrick Kelly, Greg Williams and Doug Gaumer are heroes for putting this exceptional idea together. We are lucky to have such visionaries in Lawrence. Get on the bus, things are a changing for the better.

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Chamber hires former city commissioner Bonnie Lowe as chief operating officer

great choice! Bonnie is a great leader and will do a terrific job. Merrill, shut up!

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Chamber urges joing forces with school district on technical education center

What exactly is your problem with the chamber or this idea? Is there something specific and factual?

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