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Developer, proposed Rock Chalk Park partner Thomas Fritzel involved in company that owes $3.4M in back taxes, fees

warren buffet goes on every talk show, is featured on every liberal media outlet (CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC etc) about how the rich need to pay their fair share, even stating he pays less taxes than his secretary, and everyone gobbles it up without question....then, it turns out one of his companies has been fighting the IRS for the past 10 years because the tax bill is $1 BILLION DOLLARS.

not a peep from the liberal left on here about mr. buffet's hypocrisy...since he backed obama, it doesn't apply....but what if mr. fritzel was a big democratic backer, locally and nationally? then, he'd be good, right? i wonder if mr. fritzel will come out as a big democratic donor? then it should be smooth sailing.

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Kobach discusses early voter fraud in state at 'Bleeding Kansas' lecture series

vacant lot, vacant house, but the election rolls still show someone living, guess which party this so-called 'resident' belongs? you guessed it, the democratic party. glad there is a required photo i.d.

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A New Frontier for Abortion

i just wanted to interject, we've come a long way, baby......not

Abortion but mostly Infanticide was common in all well studied ancient cultures, including those of ancient Greece, Rome, India, China, and Japan.

The Twelve Tables of Roman Law held: "Deformed infants shall be killed" De Legibus, 3.8. Of course, deformed was broadly construed and often meant no more than the baby appeared "weakly." The Twelve Tables also explicitly permitted a father to expose any female infant. Stark, op. cit., page 118.

Leading pagan leaders and philosophers also encouraged the practice. Cicero defended infanticide by referring to the Twelve Tables. Plato and Aristotle recommended infanticide as legitimate state policy. Cornelius Tacitus went so far as to condemn the Jews for their opposition to infanticide. He stated that the Jewish view that "it was a deadly sin to kill an unwanted child" was just another of the many "sinister and revolting practices" of the Jews. Histories 5.5. Even Seneca, otherwise known for his relatively high moral standards, stated, "we drown children at birth who are weakly and abnormal." De Ira 1.15.

Druids were cannibals

Jews and Christians were against the killing of innocents, so it is understandable that you would include religion or God in your argument why people do not believe your way of thinking.

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Lawrence mother searching for missing teen

The person I was replying to stated it was a case of parental alienation which has since been subsequently removed or edited

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Lawrence mother searching for missing teen

was it a judge relying on a case manager's opinion alone? we've already seen how this can back fire on an unqualified case manager allowed to be judge and jury on another local case - the mother lost custody, mother appealed, mother won day in court, hubby showed up to court drunk, mother got full custody. talk about egg on the face when it comes to our local lazy judicial system.

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Lawrence couple build an eco-friendly, round home

it's perception
cheryl crow recommends one square of toilet paper after using the restroom. walmart built an enviromental store on south iowa that has a wood roof, and runs it with electricity and has no natural gas. most electric hand dryers claim to save the environment by saving trees failing to mention that dirty coal is released into the atmosphere to power the dryer.

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City commissioner unexpectedly raises issue of Lawrence drinking water fluoridation

'fluoride is a communist plot to control the citizens' were the claims in the 1970's.....since lawrence is a communist town, why would one of our supposedly elected communist commissioners want a study done on fluoride? oh, to detract from the plot.....ha, ha

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Tax talk, anti-union bills dominate legislative discussion at Lawrence Chamber breakfast

there are a lot of people who will take their windfall of no state income tax and buy something nice. there will be people that no longer want their "mandatory" union dues taken out and they'll go buy themselves something nice....cry me a river. nice platform for these politicians though at our local chamber of frat rat / sorority girl phony baloney non-commercers (because they've never had to work at all or they work for the government-almost the same thing).

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Kansas attorney general files appeal of school funding ruling

the schools get enough of our freaking money, and of course, it's never enough.

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