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Former KU student Cem Basoflas pleads guilty in animal cruelty case, may face deportation


"I'm just saying that there is a big morality difference between the torturing and harming of a child and the having of sex with animals. One physically and mentally harms another human being, and the other probably does no psychological damage whatsoever to the animal. I'm not saying it's normal or anything but at least it's not hurting anyone."

i just needed to see it again to make sure that's what you really said. i almost believe that you must be joking, i mean, you would HAVE to be joking in order to really believe that...

this guy deserves no defense.

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FINAL: Michigan State uses late comeback to take down KU, 67-62

^ that didn't take long...

i'm proud of the jayhawks. after all the good players we lost last year, we played pretty well this season.

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