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Ex-teacher arrested for contacting student

Teachers boffing students is a no-no across the board. I don't care who the child is (girl or boy), you just don't do this. Obviously this former teacher (and let's hope she'll be permanently in the "former" category from now on) was looking for attention from the media. And she got it, didn't she? Looks like she'll have plenty of time to think about what she's done.
I don't agree with the comments about peanuts for pay buying monkeys for teachers. If anything, I think it's the present administration's No Child Left Behind theory's that are sending our best teachers into other professions. Add in a bureaucracy that bogs the teacher down in time consuming, useless paper work and you do get a lower grade of teacher. The best move on to other professions.

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Meter management

As a former owner of a business in the downtown area, I can tell you that the parking meters do have an impact on shopping. If Lawrence decides to lengthen the time that people have to pay for shopping, it will have an effect. No doubt about it.
People will go elsewhere to eat and shop. As it is, unless you park in the long term shopping spaces, you will not spend much time downtown during the day. 1 and 1/2 or 2 hours of time is not enough to have a light meal and shop at one or two of your favorite stores.
We used to keep a stack of quarers for our shopping patrons to use in their meters. Problem was that they frequently got there too late and were ticketed anyway. And when they got angry enough, they stopped coming back.
It would be interesting to find out who has put this suggestion out there and what their real motives are.

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Do you think it's feasible to potty train children from birth?

Well alright then...train a baby from birth. I would bet the person that came up with this question doesn't have children.
What a silly question. My response would have been a good, long belly laugh.

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