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Brownback says state is returning to feds $31.5 million health care reform grant

Brownback is an idiot, and that's using polite language. Who voted for this bozo? Becoming the govenator has magnified behaviors that were there when he was a senator. He hasn't changed.

The picture says it all. Unbelievable!

He's doing some serious damage to Kansas and her citizens. I, for one, plan to actively campaign against him in the upcoming elections. I'd like to see him buried in a 'landslide' !

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Forum explores responses to loss of city’s SRS office

I am so glad to see a bi-partisan response to this issue. Good for you Lawrence! Our National government could take a clue from this!
Thank you for sitting down together to find a solution.

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Eudora man faces animal cruelty charges in Osage County

People, horses depend on us for the basics...clean water, hay and grass at the least. Leaving 12 horses in a field and allowing them to suffer because you're too lazy to take the time it takes is criminal.
He deserves to be fined and penalized to the extent the law will allow. Hopefully he will be prevented from aquiring more horses...or other animals, for that matter.
He's a jerk with no ethics or common sense of decency.

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Service loss

My husband is a present employee of the PO. He comes home so angry some evenings he can hardly breath. It's a mess, folks. And it isn't the fault of the PO Union either. It's the way the people in management are trained.
Thanks, Craig, for a very funny letter that highlights some of the problems the carriers and clerks have to deal with every day. I'm sure you gave them all something to laugh at in the breakroom this morning. Hopefully that will help them to get through the usual Monday overload.

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Many returns: LHS graduate runs longtime tax service

Hey Big Kahuna! About time you got some public acknowledment for all you and Marilyn have achieved.
I can tell you, folks, that he's the best in town. He's done my taxes since he took over the business from our Dad.
I'm his big sister and I never lie!
He's the only accountant in town that makes people laugh while he gives them the bad news!
Nancy, smiling

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Parents ponder ending support to adult children

When my sons went to college, they each had three semesters to do well. If their grades weren't high enough, they knew we would cut them off. During those first three semesters, they played and barely made it through. Guess what? No money at all woke them up. They found jobs, put themselves through and are stronger for it. Putting yourself more than 100,000 in debt while your kid whines is enabling behavior. He'll grow up when you cut him loose and he'll thank you later too!

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Do you plan to read Sarah Palin's new book?

I think we should send one into space with the monarchs! Let them read it!

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KU to launch Monarch butterflies into space

Why can't we leave well enough alone? How will this help the Monarch? The environment? Our tax deficit? Our schools?
The idea of sending butterflies into space strikes me as a ludicrous waste of time and money, especially considering the present state of our economy.
KU, you lost me on this one.

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Are you registered to vote in November?

People, voting is a priviledge. There is no excuse for not using it, excepting serious illness or death. REGISTER! VOTE! Very few people in the world have the right to vote for their government officials.What do you think our soldiers are out there fighting for? Get off your lazy patooka's and VOTE! Every single opinion counts, especially in this election.

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Existing home sales fall again

Well THANK YOU MR. PRESIDENT! Anyone seeing a trend here?

Hope all you die hard Republicans are watching this!

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