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Latest Census numbers show Douglas County had fewer private sector jobs, businesses than in 2000

Come on IJM the old:
It is clear though that $780 billion in Federal Spending did not help. And, in fact, put us all that much further in the hole. A hole that Counties, Cities, States and yes, taxpayers for decades into the future will try to dig out of.

1. It was only 350B in spending the rest was tax cuts for the weathly so what that proves is that tax cuts don't stimulate the economy
2. What spending there was went to keep local governments going and now that is gone we see the result i.e local governments shedding jobs like cats shedding their winter coats.
3. You say that lower government jobs are good? Then you get higher energy costs because the KCC can't regulate. You get long lines at the DMV, you get poorer schools, etc
4. What has the private sector done to give us any confidence that they can do anything right. Case in point the ad buy by the Koch brothers in Wichita. Reinstate slavery anyone?

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KCC drops controversial approval process called 'pink sheeting'

The problem is not only with the commisioners. The KCC is understaffed and demoralized. The theory X management style has had the effect of wrecking the KCC so it is almost non functional. Pink sheeting was the last resort of a broken department. Yelling about "open meetings" is a diversion from the real issue of the KCC's inability to do it's work effectively. The way to get the KCC back is to increase staff and pay them more. Sorry if the idea of paying Master or PHD level state employees more than managers at McDonalds offends you. Ok, this will get me booted off, but Lynn731 you knew what you KPL rates were when you retired, you knew that the trend was up. You should have managed your retirement to compensate and not blame the KCC.

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Doctor shortage a looming health issue

IGWT's response says it all. All this crack medical information on Fox news and Huckabee, that is all you got? Concierge medicine can be had in Lawrence and it is cheaper than the Wichita doc. I would think twice about it though, just ask Michael Jackson about his experience with this, oh, wait, you can't.

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Report says schools underfunded $657 million in FY 2015

Obviously Kansas schools don't teach math. Since our legislators can't seem to add to 433 million. I am starting to agree that Kansas schools are failing if they turned out our voters and legislators. I would say we are doomed, but it may be too late even for that. If you don't believe in magic then you won't believe in how Ks can get out of this. If you do believe in magic, fairie dust and unicorns then maybe there is a chance, it is our only hope.

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Editorial: KCC controversy

The KCC is the poster child for regulatory capture and intentional misadministration by the state for many years. If you want the KCC to function then you have to re-create a functioning civil service for the state. Brownback will replace the executive director with a crony's daughter that is just out of Liberty law school and is looking for a job. Also if you want the KCC to function you have to pay for it. Asking Master and PHD level people to take work for $20 bucks an hour will not get you much. I know painters that won't work for less than $30. So incidentally, the reason that the little water district was given the go ahead on the rate increase was to save the rate payor's money. Believe it or not, the owners books were so bad that the case couldn't be closed by the deadline and the board members were out of town so this was the only way to get a lesser settlement for the rate payors; as bad as that could be.

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Analysis: 2013 legislative session over; results will be judged by Kansas voters

Does Kansas allow recall elections? What are the requirements if you can?

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Republican tax plans would increase state revenue, analyses say

So DT we had an income tax in 2010 and we also had less than average local taxes according to you numbers we should have left everything alone, go figure. You keep coming back to say that no income tax states are so great but you don't seem to want to admit things like the other states have oil and oceans and Dow Chemical and oceans or tourism and oceans, etc. Also you don't seem to want to admit that high local taxes are what the citizens of those no income tax states complain about. To attribute every good thing to low taxes reminds me of a story that Abe Lincoln once supposedly told: A boy runs in to his father and says that he say his sister and the farmhand in the barn and both had their pants down. The boy then exclaimed that the two were going to pee on the father's hay. The father replied that the boy had his facts correct but his conclusion was all wrong.

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Will of the people

Lynn731 then you never heard of Australia, or England, or most of Europe. The Nazi stuff is a red herring and you know it and also that is not why we have a second amendment. You need to relax, and turn off Fox news once in a while.

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Kansas science and math teachers easily recruited away

Monkfellow-- the only thing specious about this is do Kansans value teachers? If not then you are correct saying teachers should stop complaining because Kansas just doesn't care. If we do value teachers then we all have to stop complaining and pay them more. Simple as that.

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State education board may seek attorney general's opinion on 'innovative districts' law

I am sure the idea was to not have school at all in the 29 "innovative" disitricts. Since our legislators don't trust "gummint" schools I am sure that everyone in those districts will home school their kids and everything will be great. We don't need no edjumacation in here.

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