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Franklin County man found unconscious outside burning house

"outside 'iburning' house" is that something like an iphone? :-)

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Lawrence police officer receives minor injuries in crash during snow storm; Douglas County sheriff's office reports no accidents

I think its kinda lame and a waste of space for this accident to even be in the news. I'm sure Erica feels bad about this happening. Need she be humiliated even more for the whole community to read about? This was a minor accident with minor injuries. The only reason I see that it is in the new is because it involved the police? Apparently this accident happened due to the weather/road conditions. It's not like it was a drunk driver or any other out of the ordinary circumstances. A few years ago a police officer, in a police car, slammed into a neighbor and friend of mine. The police officers fault. I didn't see a story about that in the news... Just saying.... To that I will add I'm glad no one was seriously hurt.

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Carrie Neighbors sentenced to 8 years in prison for selling stolen goods from Yellow House store

I don't know the whole story on this but I do know one stole item that was reported to the police and the Neighbors cooperated with the police and showed them who sold them the stole the item. They had the guys signature that had sold it to them. Which the police were previously aware that this person was the one suspected of stealing it. The police did nothing to the guy who had been reported stealing items by several people and charged in the past for burglary/theft (felony level). I don't think that there is anyway the YH or pawn shops are able to know if an item is stolen. If they are prosecuting them why wouldn't pawn shops who sell stolen itema be prosecuted? Not saying anyone's "corrupt" just wondering in general...where's the line? Why target them?

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Sunflower Broadband's new owners change name to Knology

Your comment points out the monopoly of the cable, phone, internet service in Lawrence. There are some many other companies (I'm taking about actual cable companies not Satellite) out there but not allowed in Lawrence. Maybe that will change since Sunflower was sold. I think all these companies (cable, internet, phone companies) and the services provided are a joke from the prices, contracts, all the way down to the customer service. So I guess the choice is which company will you choose to take the least of your money with the best service with the limited options there are. I don't have Sunflower thank goodness. Cut them off years ago when they miss lead me (or should I say neglected to inform me) on my internet limit and charges. Sorry to all those who lost their jobs from this change.

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Lawrence police officer promoted to detective, will specialize in domestic violence cases

I hope this includes spotting children in abusive homes. I've seen too many times where children who get reported on or the police called are lying about the abuse to protect themselves from another beating if they tell. There are parents who are so cunning and persuasive that the police or social workers do not believe the child. What special training does Verbanic have or will he get? I'm not sure how this position is any different than a position that is already in law enforcement. A friend of mine just dealt with SRS (reporting the other parent) with older children that has been betrayed by the system (SRS and the police) many times when they told what happened. They were silent for many years after the last report to the police and SRS. Because each time an adult who cared enough and knew, but couldn't prove the abuse, reported it, it was found unsubstantiated each time. The children found that they were left in the home for many more years of abuse and did not trust the system. When they got older and braver and felt that they would surely not be betrayed again, they sought help. And once again, they were betrayed. The SRS social worker found the abuse unsubstantiated for the umpteen time. If the children were not old enough to refuse to go back, and have a safe place to go, the abuse would still be happening. I just hope that this new position will make an difference in Lawrence for women and children. As far as therapy for any abuser that's a joke. Jail time makes them madder. But I bet a good taste of their own medicine would do wonders.

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Dillons proposes tearing down Lawrence's Massachusetts Street store and replacing it with larger building

Why are they not mentioning the extensive renovation that was done in the 90's? I believe it was in the 90's. It is time to update that Dillions. Just curious why that "little" detail of reno history was left out.

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Colleagues call retiring Judge Jean Shepherd's expertise with family law 'irreplaceable'

Any1 know who the aaplicants are to replace Judge Shephard?

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Downtown bullies

thumbs up.

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Downtown bullies

I'm not saying this woman is or isn't "scamming". But how do you know that shes not still staying in a Motel/Hotel. And u cant punish or stereotype all because of 1. No one really knows whether it is a scam or not when you're giving people money.

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City won't release reports of police misconduct

Its getting hot in here All that hot air blowing from Khatib. Police are to "protect and to serve". People who are calling for help should know what officers have been disciplined and for what. Who do you know who to trust? The criminal or the police? "Nothing to hid"? Huh? Not to mention tax payers are paying salaries. I hope Merriam gets things uncovered in Lawrence.

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