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Cheick Diallo plans on entering NBA Draft, Self tells Journal-World

Let him go he's to proud to be a collegiate player anyway. If he does get drafted at least he knows what it's like to set on the bench. We have some good talented big guys coming in already we won't miss Cheik at all. I wish him all the luck don't be suprised if he isn't hanging out over seas.

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Eudora’s Ballock commits to Creighton over KU, others

Congratulations Mitchell! wish you all the luck at Creighton University.

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Kansas lands No. 27 prospect Azubuike

Let's hope the NCAA has this kid eligible before the strat of next season.

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Going forward: Self trims big-man rotation to four

I don't think leaving Hunter Mickelson out of the mix is a good thing. To me Hunter shows alot more energy than Landen Lucas. Landen Lucas scores 2pts gets 9 rebounds and coach Self thinks he plays a great game. The kid cannot score under the basket. We need a big man other than Perry to get put backs as well as score under the basket. Right now we do not have a big man who can help Perry score inside. Leaving Hunter out of the picture I don't think that's a good thing for this Kansas team. To me Landen really needs to work on his foot work inside to be more productive offensively and quit missing those easy put back when he is right under the basket. When he does get a rebound like the other night at Iowa State right under the basket. Instead of the put back he turns his back away from the basket and passes the ball to Perry Ellis, what's up with that. Your 6'10 why not dunk the ball your right there. Landen reminds me to much of Eric Chenowith, not agressive and won't dunk the basketball.

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Perry-Lecompton High School to begin testing students for drugs, alcohol

Good luck on bugetting the money to pay that bill. I'm sure ther enrollment fee's wil definitely be going up. Peer pressure is one thing but drug testing honor students as well as student athlete's in high school. I don't know if these kids are ready for that yet? So the kids who don't participate in extracurricular activities don't get drug tested. It won't suprise me if the parents get together and make all kids get drug tested. So if they fail they will they be suspend from school?

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Unbelievable: No. 1 Kansas outlasts No. 2 Oklahoma in triple OT

A standing ovation for Hield was well desereved. That's why KU fans are the best were just a class act!

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Tom Keegan: Bill Self too secure to worry about freshmen minutes

I understand that coach Self is all about winning and developing his freshman. I also think that sometimes hit hurts his recruiting because of the lack of playing his highly talented freshamn. Therefore going into the Big 12 here again I feel does not have his freshman ready to compete at the next level. Yes coach Self has plenty of experienced players, but when your up 20pts I feel that's when he needs to get these freshman some playing time. I guess by keeping Bragg and Diallo on the bench watching the other players play basketball will develop them into great players. Sorry Bill I disagree. Waiting until 2:57 left in the game to finally get these freshman some playing time will not develop these players and get them ready to compete in Big 12 conference play. Get some balls coach Self and let these kids play!

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Buzzer-beaten: Perry Ellis, Jayhawks take last-second loss hard

I agree on what your saying Devonte' Graham has absolutely been no help what so ever. It really sucks Conner Frankamp transferred we could have really used him this year. Are big's right now are bad, they can't rebound or block out for all that matters. Other than the Texas game we really haven't played a complete game. I really don't see Kansas getting past the first round. We are for the most part out of sink.

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Buzzer-beaten: Perry Ellis, Jayhawks take last-second loss hard

I don't know what your smoking guy, but the last shot was an issue. He dunks it. Game over yes understandably are defense was bad at the end. But if that was a # 15 seeded team playing us in the NCAA Tournament you got to finish, like Bill Self says you got to make those bunny layups.

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Buzzer-beaten: Perry Ellis, Jayhawks take last-second loss hard

Dunk the ball Perry, just dunk the ball.

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