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Buzzer-beaten: Perry Ellis, Jayhawks take last-second loss hard

I agree on what your saying Devonte' Graham has absolutely been no help what so ever. It really sucks Conner Frankamp transferred we could have really used him this year. Are big's right now are bad, they can't rebound or block out for all that matters. Other than the Texas game we really haven't played a complete game. I really don't see Kansas getting past the first round. We are for the most part out of sink.

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Buzzer-beaten: Perry Ellis, Jayhawks take last-second loss hard

I don't know what your smoking guy, but the last shot was an issue. He dunks it. Game over yes understandably are defense was bad at the end. But if that was a # 15 seeded team playing us in the NCAA Tournament you got to finish, like Bill Self says you got to make those bunny layups.

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Buzzer-beaten: Perry Ellis, Jayhawks take last-second loss hard

Dunk the ball Perry, just dunk the ball.

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Man in critical condition after early-morning shooting; suspect arrested after high-speed chase

17.50 an hour isn't going to stop anyone from pulling the trigger.

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Jayhawks 'exposed' in miserable loss to Temple

I understand were a young team, but this is really pathetic. These kids need to understand what wearing a Kansas uniform means. This is by far the worst no hustle defensive I've seen in several years. Our inside game is terrible, none of the bigs get into position on the low post and I got to tell you. Perry Ellis is soft he shows no mental toughness on the floor what so ever. He acts scared to death of any contact. Unless KU'S defense helps with getting more transition scoring. KU won't finish in the top 3 in the Big Twelve. Traylor has not improved at all he still the same player when he arrived his freshman year at Kansas. That may have something to do with coaching, but he looks lost out on the floor. I really thought Wayne Selden would have a break out year, he just well plan on returning for his Senior year he's not going anywhere. I hope things get turned around but right now I don't see nothing but average basketball team. Bill Self's Big Twelve streak will come to an end!!

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Randy Leach still missing after 26 years, KBI case file remains sealed

I worked with Randy and his dad several years ago at a gas station In Eudora, KS. They both were really nice and I'm still sad that they were never able to find Randy. Holding information about there missing son to me is ridiculous. Now Mr. and Mrs. Leach will go to there grave never knowing what actually happened to Randy. God Bless The Leach Family!

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Self confirms Naadir Tharpe transfer

That was a no brainer, it was his only decision. Leave or get booted! Good Luck Nadir!

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Indian tribe wants to keep options open on casino gaming, local delegation told

Imagine that the Indian Tiribe wants to keep options open for a casino. Why do you think they bought the land in the first place and what a great loaction right off the highway. Money money money money money!! Awe couldn't be about the money.

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Drunken-driving enforcement campaign ends with 18 DUI arrests

Believe it or not we also had less accidents and 18 was the legal drinking age. Imagine that!!! I remeber standing in the back of a truck reaching over the top of the cab putting your hands on the windshield.

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Top prospect Andrew Wiggins chooses Kansas

What are you smoking. One of the best High School Basketball Players to come out of High school and commit to KU! This by far is one of the best not if the best recruits Bill Self has ever gotten. I can't wait to watch him beside Wayne Selden, you got to be kidding me!!! Rock Chalk Jayhawk and Bill Self Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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