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Free State High School lip dub

fiesty msshaden. its funny you care so much.

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Firebirds’ offense comes alive in win

Props to Free State continuing to try to create tradition in a hostile environment to begin with. And also for acting in a respectable manner. I guess when you win there is no need for justification, over involvement.

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Firebirds’ offense comes alive in win

I am a former resident to the great city of Lawrence, and absolutely love keeping up with with city news. After reading this RIDICULOUS blog of comments I have lost most of the respect that i once had. It is a game. Two games played per season. It is just hilarious to see the involvement, justifications, and "low blows" being thrown out by all of these bloggers. From an obviously over involved LHS mother to Maxandwillie these comments are really just hilarious. Having said that, it is obvious that the LHS aficionados are the ones that continue to keep the whole thing brewing. I would, personally, much rather be affiliated with the Free State side of town. Regardless of winning or not i feel like they wouldn't care nearly as much as the tradition upholding fans of Lawrence High. Two teams play in a game. One team will win. Teams change and WILL change drastically; FS can go from a 1-whatever season to beating the formerly "bangin" LHS team (its life, and highschool at that) Both teams and their fans should be able to walk out of the gym with their heads held high. To me, the FS people are the ones that handle themselves in that matter. High school students will be high school students wherever they are located in the US. It is part of our culture. "MILF" chants and comparisons will be said regardless of where you are. It is a mere part of the immaturity of high school. The outstanding part, to me, is the over involvement of bystanders who feel the need to fuel the fire by defending their collective schools. Last year LHS won. This year FS won. Seriously, it is with it and allow yourself to react in a positive manner.

and not to toot my own horn...i am one of those LHS state champion holders. When you think of it.... we WERE a powerhouse athletically. how could we not be? THE WHOLE TOWN OF LAWRENCE was being funneled into LHS. Essentially we were equivalent to modern day "club" or "aau" teams. OBVIOUSLY, after being opened for what?... a decade? FS will not be able to possess all of the banners LHS does, let alone tradition. People... lets put this into perspective. LHS tradition was created by an entire town... it is kind of hard to create as much tradition with half of the people. (especially when there are those who are so adamant about reinforcing "Tradition" beating you down every step of the way.) Imagine the powerhouse athletics that Lawrence could still possess if it were still based out of one high school. Then take that potential and divide it in half. Freestate doesn't have anything else to help it along the way, while LHS has the tradition thing at their beck and call. GIVE TRADITION A REST. Honestly, if that was the only element of my life that made me feel worthwhile...i would have a tough time dealing.

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