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Opinion: First build the wall, then offer amnesty

We all have laws we are expected to obey and yet I hear a lot of people saying, "Oh well, they already broke the law, so lets just forget about it." That is the most illogical thinking I have ever heard. We have legal ways of becoming citizens so "just do it." If people are illegal there is punishment for the crime. Now of course if you argue that if people break the law, we should overlook it...then why worry about gun control, speeding, embezzlement and theft. At least be consistent in your logic.

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First Christian Church, site of LINK, undergoes long overdue renovations

I seem to recall a guy named Jesus one time saying "I dwell not in temples made by hands."

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Bill would allow religious symbols on public land

Liberal thinking people like many of you want inclusivity, until it is someone who doesn't agree with your way of thinking.

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Petition drive collects 50,000 signatures in call for Rep. Virgil Peck to resign

Everyone who is whining about this needs to get over themselves. Which of you haven't said something stupid and you probably didn't even apologize for it. The man said something stupid and apologized. Learn to forgive and move forward.

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Angel Morris mothers ailing Thomas Robinson

Angel is an amazing and Godly mom. Thanks to her, Thomas will heal emotionally and physically.

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Bill in Kansas Legislature would restrict where sex offenders can live

I can understand having them not live next to a school or day care, but putting a "scarlet letter" on their drivers license when they have paid the legal price for their illegalities, is not American nor morally right.

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I saw the LMH board was going to Florida for some sort of retreat. How much does this cost? And who

So $4,000 per person for a three day retreat in Florida. Pretty big price-tag per person. Why isn't there a conference closer to good ole Kansas. I would assume the only conferences on this topic are in Florida and Hawaii.

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Horoscope for Jan. 18

Why do people turn to the stars when they can turn to the one who made the stars?

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Wayne Simien speaks at MLK Community Breakfast

Wayne is an amazing young man who is an example of the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. becoming more than a dream, but reality.

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Statehouse Live: Gov.-elect Brownback urges Kansans to pray for elected leaders

My prayer is that our governor will accept the people who are so unaccepting and intolerant, like many of the people replying here. Let's let the governor be who he is and you be who you want to be without criticizing values that are close to his heart.

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