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Keegan: Huggins bashed unfairly

Tom, I totally agree with you. Don't let these KU homers get on your nerves. What they really are afraid of is that K-State is going to collectively wipe their bottoms soon in basketball and make the Sunflower Civil War a real basketball game, a true contest between rivals. Too bad we didn't do it this year, but you know, unlike many of your readers, how close we are to accomplishing that final task. Sure, many in the Wildcat Nation were upset with Huggin's departure after believeing that he had bonded with the city, university, and fans, particularly the students. But the way the university has moved to hire Frank Martin and Delonte Hill has restored my confidence in the men's basketball program.

You should be commended for a fine piece of analysis. I am proud to know you...remember, we met in the Fred during Billy Walker's first game...and you told me that you really wear purple undies...only kidding...but you are one heck of an sports commentator...keep up the good work. Too bad "The Drive" is off the air until the start of the football season, because we would like to hear your take on the state of basketball in the Sunflower state.

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