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Lawrence mother gets 3 years of probation for manslaughter in death of her 5-year-old

I dont think she should be faulted for having an addiction everyone does (caffeine, cigarettes, facebook, shopping or otherwise it's still an addiction) however I do believe she is at fault for her child's death and the fact that she's getting probation and a slap on the wrist is sickening
I lost all rights to 2 of my 5 children because I had a drug addiction (which I successfully completed inpatient rehab for) and didn't have my own home (was not eligible for emergency housing because I have 2 misdemeanor paraphernalia charges) the judge did not consider the effect on their siblings or them (one of my daughter's has PTSD from the shock of the separation ) and my case worker even told me I was a good mother but I was homeless and an addict so reintegrateion wouldn't be possible. It's sad that despite the fact that
My kids never even saw me get high let alone had a chance to do them, never had any injuries that even required an ER visit due to lack of supervision and are very much loved and missed they'll never see there siblings or family again and this woman gets another chance .
The lesson this shows is 2 misdemeanor paraphernalia charges + in need of housing = no kids and 2 months in jail and 2 opiates in dead child's system + a house + addiction = probation and kids of housing + addiction = no kids

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