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""Unfortunately, we live in a time when our government no longer services the interests of average Americans."

Therein lies the crux of the issue. What is the proper role of government. Some, like JayhawkLawrence would suggest it is to 'service the interest of...' Others, like I, think government should have very little role in 'service' but has a legitimate role is creating an environment of freedom. Freedom comes individualism and indiviual responsibility.

Government has become the new plantation owner and keeps millions in poverty by servicing them. We have a record high number of people on food stamps, a record low number of people working (as a % of population), and a record high % (47%) that pay no taxes.

The Government has done enough servicing my Brother. It is past time for the Government to stop holding people down by doing for them what they should be doing for themselves.

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Update to labor laws could prevent youths from doing certain tasks

Disgusting. Totally out of control government and an all out attack on family farms.

I am so embarrassed that I voted for Barack.

Hillary Clinton - please come rescue us from blind loyalty to this clown.

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Firing range litigation enters new round

Darn skippy. Common sense ain't all that common

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Former colleague of abortion doctor Tiller blames state for his death

I am pro choice.However, I think it is all sorts of wrong and even criminal to abort when the fetus is viable outside the mothers womb. Part of the blame has to rest with my side of the isle, i.e. pro-choice. But this is so political that an honest conversation can't be had and we defend abortion in the extreme.

There are many caring professionals that help women terminate a pregnancy. They should not be painted with the same brush as the very evil man, Tiller.

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Back to work

The President has failed America. His 'Jobs 'Bill' was so distasteful that despite a month of arm twisting it could not pass the Senate. He is using this as a campaign item, not a serious attempt at getting the economy humming. All or none - take it or leave it - will not work. We can have bipartisan support for many things. Sad, very very sad.

It is time to have a serious push to draft Hillary. We would not be in this mess if we were not duped by President Obama. We need a leader not s speach maker.

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How did you spend your holiday weekend?

Spent it shooting doves. Love this time of year as the advent to hunting season. Dove bites wrapped in bacon on the grill. Yummm Yummm

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Statehouse Live: KU gives state $4.5 million; state spends it on Capitol restoration

"stupid jerk" ???? Hmmm, careful with the name calling. It does not help our case. Espeically since these were bonds and as such MUST be spent on physical structures.

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U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins says political discourse in Congress reflects attitudes throughout the country

The problem is not the Tea Party or Move On. This is a lack of leadership from the President. Hillary called it when she said the Presidency is too important to have someone who votes 'present' or is 'on the job training.'

The President has failed to lead and his policies have failed. It is time to recognize the failure and go in a different direction. Divided government is nothing new. President Regan and President Clinton both had a divided government and the economy was great. The diffrence between those Presidents and the Obama is that they knew how to lead in a divided government.

We can grow our way out of this mess but we need jobs to do it.

It is past time to call it what it is....and past time to draft Hillary to run. We need her. We would not be in this mess if she had won.

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President, congressional leaders take late shot at debt-limit deal to avert U.S. default

I am so tired of all the drama.

It almost seems like the President is trying to force an impass. Strange. All the talk to scare Seniors and the military are very non-Presidential. I remmber the total gov't shutdown in the 90's. Medicare, SS, Prisons, FBI, CIA, Military, and bond holders were paid. Almost every other Govt office was closed. The shutdown lasted for 3 weeks, the stock market actually went up, and eventually an agreement was reached.

This is not what we voted for with the President. Enough with the drama.

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