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Do you think high school students should be taught how to take care of a child as part of a curriculum?

Let's look at the question more blutly stated. "Should The State tell parents how to raise their kids?"

Very very dangerous to give these rights and responsibilities to The State.

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Do you think the public should have the opportunity vote on the proposed rec center?

Parks and Rec maintenance is already funded at a level that cannot keep pace with current demands. Development cost is small compared to the long term cost.

Step One should be to take care of what the city currently has and start funding the upkeep.

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Simons' Saturday Column: VP debate sets stage for 2nd Obama-Romney duel

I am embarrassed by my own party. Thermo-Necular war with Iran is no laughing matter, nor is the 5M people out of work. What a chucklehead. Week need to keep Barak healthy lest we end up with Joe. UGH

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3 Democrats vying for chance to challenge U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins

Eye must be delusional to not understand how much he is disliked. HIs non-stop legal work for the past 20 years to stop the lawrence by pass is legendary. Totally disgusting.

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Have you ever seen pieces of the World Trade Center or first responder vehicles from the tragedy?

It wasn't a "Tragedy". It was a terrorist attack.

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Still plagued with problems, Kansas won't make final payment on DMV software

Got to make you feel good that no one has been fired over this.

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Still plagued with problems, Kansas won't make final payment on DMV software

Why hasn't the CIO been fired? This has been going on for how long and no one has lost their job?

Lesson #3.5M on lack of accountability for government employees. Totally disgraceful that this happened, continues to happen, and no one is held to account.

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High court rejects part of Arizona immigration law

This makes sense. The domain of immigration is the sole responsibility of the Fed Govt. The states can and do detain for federal arrest (aka call to ICE). The part upheld makes sense as well.

The disgusting part is the comments made by the President and Atty General after the ruling. The President further walking back enforcement of federal law adn the Atty General taking a hostile view toward those who seek to enforce the law that was upheld.

The Atty Gen and President have made law enforcement a political activity. They should be ashamed.

We need LEADERSHIP that will lead to consensus building to fix illegal immigration and the financial fallout (medicade, food stamps, etc) and provide a path to citizenship for certain people. I am sooo ready to go to S. Carolina and push for a draft Hillary campaign. We would not be in this mess of creating hostility between the Fed Govt and States, dividing American's against eachother, ramimng through $1T of stimulus, ObamaCare, etc if we had nominated Hillary.

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KU seeks tougher admissions criteria

KU's first obligation is to the residents of Kansas. Their second obligation is to those outside the state of Kansas. KU has is a semi-governmental agency enjoying the benefits of taxpayer dollars, student grants, and student loans. As money has increased the cost has more than met the increase, 400% increase in the past 20 years.

It is a disgrace

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Israel’s future more urgent than Obama’s

Why have we gave up on gettong China Russia, and Pakistan joining us in sanctions? We have a huge lever over all three, i.e. imports. Jiust check the shelves of the local retailer and you will find most of the goods from China, and clothing from Pakistan and China. Russia would dry up without Western investments and tourism. It is time for our beloved Prez to quit begging and to start leading. If Hillary would have beat Barack, we would not be facing this mess. Leading from behind is no leadership. What a joke. And why, pray tell, will he not support Hillarys initiatives to try and force Russia, China, and Pakistan (those that buy Iranian oil) to teh table. I guess he is just skert she will show him up, people will wake up, and draft Hillary for President. Heck, I would rather have ole stuff shirt Romney than this clown.

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