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City to consider issuing industrial revenue bonds for Rock Chalk Park project

Corporate Welfare Lawrence Style!!!

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Lawrence man travels state informing Kansans about Affordable Care Act

Lies and Facts:
Lie: healthcare cost will go down
Fact: going up, nothing was introduced to reduce cost other than rationing

Lie: you can keep your insurance
Fact: only if it is an corporate plan

Lie: you can keep your doctor
Fact: only if the doctor participates in the new plan

Lie: universal coverage for all
Fact: 30M still uninsured

Lie: Fair for all - even playing field
Fact: providers to the poor and rural areas are getting hurt. Meanwhile congress has exempted itself along with the politically connected from having to participate

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Kansas premiums lower than expected under new health insurance marketplaces, report says

Rates were to go down - wrong, they are going up
Heathcare was to get cheaper - wrong, it is going up
You were to keep your current plan - wrong, new plans
You were to keep your doctor - wrong, only if the new plan supports the Dr
There was to be no rationing - wrong, rationing based on age and health

What we want is affordability and what we got was greater participation

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House Democratic Leader Davis forms gubernatorial campaign committee

Oh come on. Democrats should be able to easily take the Governorship from Brownback but Paul Davis isn't the solution. He was and still is part of the coalition to stop the South Lawrence Traffic Way. Come on D's we can pick a much better candidate. Anthony Hensley would be great!!!

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Budget advances with 'devastating' cuts to KU

The affordability has gone down as well. As the student loan money poured into KU and other institutions of higher ed. so has the cost escalated. That is why the funding on a % basis has fallen but the absolute dollar funding has increased and cost has skyrocketed.

50 years from now history will judge the institutions of higher learning quite critically.

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Budget advances with 'devastating' cuts to KU

This does not pass the smell test. A 1.5% cut is "devastating"? Taxpayers and students deserve better than the 7% YOY increase they have had to endure.

Come on Scott, ask the hard questions. Why should an administrator keep their job if they can't find 1.5% of cost savings without hitting essential services?

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KU outlines significant cuts if Legislature cuts higher education funding

A proposed 4% cut is nothing. It is disgusting that KU officials are such cry babies that they resort to threats. The headline should read "KU Threatens to Make Cuts As Painful As Possible". Cuts to physican and nursing programs yet PHD in Womens Studies, PHD in Anthropology, undergrad in Hospitality and Tourism, and Masters in Environmental Studies is left untouched.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Hopping around with downtown's Toad

Toad may regret the publicity since he openly admits that he doesn't pay taxes., Not a good story one day before April 15.

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Brownback, KU officials hope to draw on free-state history to fight modern-day slavery

The irony of this 'slave' discussion in Lawrence is that there are instances of human trafficing and slavery less than 2 mi from campus.

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