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Letter to the editor: Puppy love

...and a huge thank-you to Kris Vakas-McClelland et al for their caring, exceptional efforts!

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Letter to the editor: Puppy love

Though I realize not a 'realistic approach', after removing the unfortunate dog, how about placing the vehicle's driver inside for a similar length of time...

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Editorial: Mural debate veers off course

The vibrancy of the proposed mural would certainly be a visually exciting counterpoint to the inherent architectural linearity of the building itself. Go for it...

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Driver v. bicyclist dispute — road rage or inattentiveness?

Schwinn or lose, LMH was fortunately close by...

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Letter to the editor: No more boxes

Your 'striking' Lawrencian arkitekurl iteration, overlooking a local CC, clearly reminiscent of inner-city ghetto housing or military barracks, albeit with a 'driver' twist "...hup-two-three...FOUR !! " as one "putt-putts" down the fairways...

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Letter to the editor: Shame on county

...correction, should have read, 'County Commissioners'

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Letter to the editor: Shame on county

The 'Game of Politics' has shown that ANYTHING is possible and typically quite probable. Your illustrious 'Green Curtain' City Commissioners need to either '86' the upcoming, combined Mental Health / New Jail ballot questions or separate these issues as should have been the case from the onset. If that means re-formatting / re-scheduling the voting then so be it. YOUR Commission should have NEVER placed YOU, tax-payers in this egregiously untenable position. It is up to YOU to hold THEM accountable and NOT accept the anticipated response, "it CAN'T be done..." On a lighter, topical note, coinciding with celebrating Mother's Day today, fond memories of our dear Mom. After my brothers and I might have been asked to take out the trash or mow the lawn, we'd off-times say, "...but Mom, we just CAN'T because...blah...blah...blah"
Her gentle and sage response, " now boys, just remember, CAN'T never did anything..."


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Letter to the editor: Enhancing KU?

What a really great idea...!!

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Opinion: How did we ever forget this song?

A "finer point" has just been placed on the atrociously out of balance condition of our Society today. Question is, per Mr Pitts, what are we willing to do about it??

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