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McLouth High football player Trevor Roberts loses part of leg after compound fracture during game

In both cases where there is a "*McLouth" response, it is because the poster directly above the response spelled the name of the town wrong. That's all. Lifeisnopicnic and Dejacrew were simply correcting the spelling of McLouth in each instance.

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McLouth High football player Trevor Roberts loses part of leg after compound fracture during game

This is not necessarily the physician or hospital's fault. Compound fractures are a very serious injury and have a high rate of complications, including bone infections that can result in amputation or death. Modern medicine can't fix everything.

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House on Haskell Ave. could be razed

I know it sat vacant for a while prior to moving; but then it was moved and remodeling was at least initiated. I don't know how fast or slow that process is for this particular house. I'm just curious as to why a house that is in a remodel (granted, a seemingly very slow remodel) may be torn down, but, for example, a house that has sat abandoned for probably 15 years, right across the street from a city work office (Oak Hill Cemetery) is allowed to remain standing in chronic, advancing disrepair.

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House on Haskell Ave. could be razed

So it's been vacant for...what, a year or two? What's the big deal? The house on the corner of Oak Hill and Elmwood has been vacant for at least a decade, in poor repair to begin with and only getting worse, and the city hasn't done anything about it.

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Veteran recalls experiences as WWII prisoner

Thank you for your service, Mr. Kelley.

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Heavy course load: Back pain starts early for children with overly filled backpacks

Just FYI, many of the textbooks are available online. Kids should be schlepping them all to and from school every day, if they have online access at home.

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School board discusses boundary change

My daughter has a 6+ mile trip to her high school, and the T has worked well for us.

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Firefighter cited for battery after argument

Because he's wrong. You don't *have* to remove your hat. And you certainly don't initiate a conversation with a stranger by touching them from behind. Where is Mr. Clouse from, that you get someone's attention by placing your hand on their neck?!

Why could he not have approached him from the front, indicated with a nod or a gesture that the Mr. Mandell still was wearing his hat, and said something a little less aggressive? His stated comment to Mr. Mandell wasn't exactly polite or nonaggressive, and the touching/grabbing from behind that preceded it certainly makes it even more so. I certainly would have felt threatened if a strange man put his hand *on my neck* from behind and told me "Excuse me, but around here when the national anthem plays, you remove your hat. Show some respect."

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Firefighter cited for battery after argument

Firefighters are not d-bags, RATM, most of them are awesome people, and their jobs are difficult and dangerous.

However, as a firefighter, I'm sure Mr. Clouse has received training on how to interact with people in stressful situations, and so he would know that approaching a stranger from behind and touching them (whether he laid a friendly hand on his neck, or grabbed him harshly) is NOT acceptable. If I were touched or grabbed from behind by a stranger, my first reaction would not be nice. Whether his intensions were good or not, and whether he was gentle and calm or rough and abrasive in his treatment of Mr. Mandell, he was in the wrong and should have known better.

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Curtis Martell, director of the Free State Racing Team of Lawrence, shows a bicycle that was destroy

For starters, the handlebars and the front fork are supposed to be in alignment.

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