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100 years ago: KU student missing after Easter break

I trust y'all got that paving problem solved by now? up from "mighty little new paving" to potholes that go clear down to the original "mighty little new paving"?

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100 years ago: Doctor removes needle from patient's hand

>>it is quite evident that the drouth in Kansas is no more for 1911.

We'll all look forward to the end of the heat for this year, drought or not!

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Special Olympian Brady Tanner returning to Lawrence from Greece with 4 medals

MAN!! That's a lot of weight! Way to go, Brady!

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100 years ago: Frozen pipes for Lawrence residents; overnight prisoner brings smallpox infection into city jail

They don't write like that anymore!
Does anyone know what "latter" and "harkening" mean anymore? or how to correctly spell vaccinated?

Would the editor of this column be permitted to add comments from today's perspective on yesteryear's activities? I'd like to see those. There must be a reason she chooses the stories she does.

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25 years ago: Fire breaks out at Meadowbrook Apartments

wow, 137 degrees. Either we need new equipment, or we need to move.

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100 years ago: State streams stocked with German fish


I don't even know what that MEANS. But I'll bet it wasn't a good feeling.

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