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Pothole relief on the horizon

FYI, avoid all of N. Lawrence. The detour has turned all of it into one giant pothole. Notice, no mention of fixing anything in N. Lawrence. We are bastard children.

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Snow-removal citations

OMG! Stop bitching about it and do what you're supposed to do! Just shovel the damn walk already!

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Snow-removal citations


I'd never report any of my N. Law neighbors for this, but I do curse them under my breath. Especially the young guy who owns a house caddy-corner from Woodlawn Elementary. I got my ass out and shoveled. I don't know why he can't do it.

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Snow-removal citations

No tickets issued in N. Lawrence? Well, they obviously don't take the route I do when I walk my kid to school. Hey people that said, 'I'll just let the snow melt,'- what happens when a foot of snow starts melting on a sidewalk? Slush and puddles that are going to refreeze during the night. I guess it will take some kid walking to school laying on the sidewalk with a broken arm or leg or getting hit by a car walking out in the street before some people DO WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO! I slipped about 3 times this morning, luckily no falling. Good thing I'm so graceful! ;)

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27-year-old northeast Kansas woman dies from H1N1 virus

I am sorry she was not able to get a vaccination. To all of you who are able to get one, please think about it, ok? My entire family was able to get vaccinated, and I am so very thankful. The lines aren't even that long now and it is free! You really have no excuse. And no, my kids aren't autistic. They are perfectly smart and healthy little girls who will be allowed to grow up that way.

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Night-shift parenting

tumbilweed: I love you. barrypenders, Donnuts, mdrndgtl, whoever, WHAT A LOSER!

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A shocking revelation

Very cool. Thanks for the explanation.

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City of Lawrence supports ghost bike memorial to encourage cycling safety


Apparently YOU never use the sidewalk for walking. A bike is a vehicle. It belongs on a road, NOT on a sidewalk. I am an avid walker (and recently runner) but my top speed is around 6 MPH. Bikes can do twice that (and do) on the sidewalks. Sidewalks that moms push strollers on, kids walk on, and the elderly use. Most sidewalks in Lawrence are in poor repair or are too narrow to even think about riding a bike on while sharing it with walkers and joggers. So, to paraphrase what you're saying: YOU, who are in a 2 ton vehicle, DON'T want to be inconvenienced. So much so, that you're willing to put the safety of pedestrians on the line who have NO protection. Walkers are not mandated to wear helmets. We're WALKERS! It's bad enough the bikes use the sidewalk on the N. Law bridge (almost been hit several times by bikes too lazy to call out "On your left!") but I can understand that one, I wouldn't want to ride on the bridge either, especially with all the construction. But, the point is bikes DO NOT belong on the sidewalk!

You bikers, if you have to use the sidewalk sometimes, I understand, just look out for pedestrians. We are the most vulnerable. Most of all, you guys DO belong on the road! Keep riding safely! I don't mind slowing down or moving over for you. I wish everyone else would do this for you too.

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North Second and Locust intersection likely won't be open by Jan. 1

amac, why aren't you just going down to 7th then? I live on Locust, so when I'm coming home from the North, I won't try to turn left on 3rd. It's not worth it. I will drive down to 7th just to backtrack. It actually saves time.

I am so annoyed at this construction. I know, it's a necessary evil. I'm glad they are getting it done, but it has torn up all the roads here in North Lawrence. After they get this project done, do you think they will go back and fix all the pot holes cause by semis and heavy traffic on all the side roads? My guess is probably not.

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Ex-player accuses Mangino of mistreatment

bstew34864: Just wanted to say thank you for your post. It was everything I was thinking. Voice of reason in this sea of stupidity.

People don't report stuff due to fear of retribution.

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