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Longtime employee Linda Lassen 1 of 2 laid off at Penn House on Friday

sorry to hear the news linda, i hope they have learned a few lessons from this and i am sure that there is something worthy of your time & energy & dedication.

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Longtime employee Linda Lassen 1 of 2 laid off at Penn House on Friday

please expand further upon your statement "We advocate for positive change on a macro level; change that increasingly moves the needle forward on socioeconomic gains for those who need it most. " Besides the botched firing, this statement gives me some pause as to what is really going on over there. what macro level change are you referring to? thank you

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City mulling $12M incentive package for proposed Ninth and New Hampshire development

that sure sounds like #1. creating a problem, and #2. offering the solution. and they make money with both #1 and #2. would that be considered a monopoly?

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All in favor? New group making voice heard at City Hall

looks like Stan Rasmussen, a member of CadreLawrence listed above, is also being appointed to the HRC, coincidence? i don't think so!

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U.S. House candidate criticized over comment made at forum

i heard that balls remark during the political forum and thought it was funny, and after reading this article, now we know the difference between a topeka liberal and a lawrence liberal: topeka liberals will have the balls to use the word "balls" !!

i also like tobias' response to Eye's complaint: "Nice political posturing, Bob.”

i'm liking what i see so far of tobias!

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Outgoing mayor reflects on year

for a city that is supposed to have a weak mayor, you all certainly give him way more power then he actually has. dry your tears foamers... and then do the right thing and blame it all on obama instead.

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Town Talk: Children's fun center coming to downtown; changes at Alvamar Country Club; architects release renderings of new design for 9th and N.H hotel

how dare the neighbors have not one but TWO good reasons not to have a 6 story building literally in their backyard. honestly the nerve of some people is just unbelievable

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How does God view the killing of animals?

marion i didn't realize you were a cannibal. thanks so much for letting us in on your dark secret.

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Board's role

isn't this the first step to privatizing douglas county history?

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