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New sandwich chain to locate on 23rd Street; cookie business moves, sparking new downtown restaurant rumor; yellow signs invade Oread neighborhood

So disappointed that Hotbox has moved I guess we won't be eating them anymore!! :'( Easier to go downtown than park up at Oread

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What's a restaurant that's closed that you really miss?

Ken's Pizza Parlor, The Green Pepper and Dons Steak House...loved all of these and for late Night snack Joe's Bakery hot Donuts! All my faves from childhood

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Lawrence High School homecoming queen Kennedi Wright-Conklin, right, and Colton Lovelace, left, stan

I hope Freestate gets the same coverage as LHS!! Oversight

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Lawrence schools: Five senior Free State students identified as vandals

Wow I figured they would just get slapped on the hand...smh

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Basehor man dies in head-on collision in southern Leavenworth County

the man had something obviously wrong because he was swerving before he even hit the woman and his truck took out several metal mile markers and he didnt hit a stone wall...I was there and this poor man im sure didnt even know what happened....it was sad and too bad he passed away!

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Linwood man dies in car-motorcycle accident

sad to say but the motorcycle driver died

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Crowding complaints follow freshmen onto Lawrence high school campuses

Totally agree! My kid is a senior and thank God! wouldnt want to deal with this another yr. Dont know why so much effort was put into fighting for a second HS because of crowding if all you were gonna do was crowd it up again by putting young kids into a situaton that they are NOT mature enough for or ready!!!!!! Lunch and after school traffic are ridiculouse.
How many of you have daughters that you are wiilling to throw them in with seniors.
Let alone guys who may not hav developed yet and are targets for ridicule and the butt of jokes.......Great job superintendent and school board lets giv these kds more to worry about

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How to make hot sauce for the St. John's Mexican Fiesta

Love the Fiesta! Thanks Mom and all the ladies for doing this for 30 years......

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Lawrence employees to receive longevity bonuses, but city aims to reduce overtime pay in 2011

Are you kidding me! You act like these city employees are wealthy its bad enough they dont get their cost of living bonus and please when they get evaluated its not even close their supervisors make it so its not 5% anymore what do you want them to do! As for overtime they do it because they are told to finish a job then they dont want to pay them for their extra time. Now some commissioner who I guarantee you doesnt have to work in the elements outside doesnt think they deserve to be rewarded for showing up year after year to do a job that nobody else wants to do. Pay them they all deserve it!

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