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Two dead, two injured in industrial accident at Lawrence's MagnaGro International

First, my condolences to the families. Nothing I can say or do will change what happened, but I am so very sorry for your loss.
Second, my congratulations to the Journal World for moderating comments on stories like this. I am all for free speech, but sometimes just because something can be said doesn't mean it should be. I was almost afraid to start reading the comments on this story because I have seen how ugly it can get in here and how quickly that can happen. Thank you for your efforts to uphold the ideals of free speech and common decency.
Finally, I want to know more about this accident. How preventable was it? Are there issues with this companies practices? How will the company prevent another such accident?

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Dogs will still be welcome at Farmer's Market this year

I LOVE Farmer's Market. I do not love dogs. I do not love people who take their dogs EVERYWHERE. I would prefer to not have dogs at Market. That being said, I also totally understand why people bring their dogs out on a gorgeous Saturday morning to walk around downtown, shop at the Farmer's Market and enjoy themselves. I have had more positive dog experiences downtown than negative. I think that as long as people are not afraid to call out an inattentive dog owner things can work out fine. Yes, some mornings it is CRAZY CROWDED...and to be quite honest, the kiddos can be more trouble than the pets. But if the dogs are leashed and under control I say yay. Farmer's Market can and should reserve the right to ask ANYONE to leave for ANY reason as well. Sooo if you bring your dog, and if they misbehave and you are asked to leave, get out. Use your common sense people. If you and your dog show up and it is packed to the gills in there, maybe you should stroll around the block, see if it thins out...take the dog home and come back...bring your dog and a friend so you can each take turns dogsitting nearby when the Market itself is just too freaking crowded...keep the leash short. It's not rocket science people.

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East Lawrence awaits dome-home project

If any of the affordability naysayers had bothered to research Tenants to Homeowners they would understand how it is a house appraised at $150,000 can be purchased for less than $125,000. TTH is a wonderful program that used to use government money to give a very few people grants to help them buy a house. Now TTH uses their government funds (and I am sure private donations as well) to buy lots, build houses (sometimes they buy an older house and fix it up) and sell the houses at just over cost. TTH holds the rights to the lot itself, so that if the homeowner decides to sell they must sell the house through TTH. The homeowner is guaranteed to make their money back and even a profit (proportional to their investment), TTH has a house that is still sellable at just over cost and another person (or family) gets a shot at home-ownership. It is a great program with a wider range of accessability than many housing subsidy programs.

As for the attractiveness and safety and functionality of a dome house? I love them. I think they are totally adorable. I think most of us really ought to have an air circulation system in our house to ensure the free flow of fresh air (you have heard how toxic most homes are, right? with the off-gassing and such?) I think a dome has a better chance of surviving rotating winds (not to mention that no amount of structural engineering can give one complete safety in a tornado...how many times have you seen the pictures with one house completely decimated and the one next door untouched? If the tornado touches down on your house you are s.o.l.) TTH tries to put in basements when they can afford to and they always have "safe rooms" for the places without basements.

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Law enforcement agencies investigating property just east of Lawrence

dogfighting is my guess...if that is the place I think it is, my friend rescued a Rottie from that place years ago...of course, if it is that place it could be meth and dogfights and stolen goods and bodies all at once

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Revelers brighten downtown with Mardi Gras parade

I am pretty sure that the Rev is a full time musician

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Lawrence's Sacred Journey closed, under investigation by federal officials

"At the end of that story the gov't concluded that mimetics or something that mimics an illegal substance can be classified as an illegal substance even without proof. The reason they banned mimetics is that there were 10 billion ways to mimic steroids and they felt it would be a never ending ordeal to keep banning newly created substances and it would be easier to just say if it act like something illegal it's now illegal."

Soooo, how does alcohol remain legal??? Because I am sure there are plenty of illegal substances that share affects with alcohol. Is it about how the item is marketed? As in, "use K2, it makes you feel the same way smoking pot does" ? Makes it illegal by default?
Because I have tried several "herbal blends" that claim to mimic the high of Miss Mary Jane, but not a one did the trick. I think that the sheer number of people who still partake in marijuana shows that none of the substitutes do it for them either.
Either way, I do not know enough to say whether the FDA will have enough evidence to support a case, but I disagree with all of the recent legislature banning various plants. I was against the criminalization of salvia, I am against banning K2 or mullein, or damiana, or datura, o coleus, or straw flowers...these all have psychoactive properties.

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Wichita Democrat introduces medical marijuana bill in Kansas House

YESYESYES!!!! It is way past time to legalize marijuana across the board, but I will settle (for now at least) for a decriminalization for medial marijuana. I am also very much in favor of legalizing the production of industrial hemp.

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Lawrence's Sacred Journey closed, under investigation by federal officials

Where to begin? How about this, it does not matter at all if K2 was being sold as incense or being sold as a mood altering substance. Until K2 is criminalized it is perfectly legal to do whatever you like with it...burn it as incense, put in your pipe and smoke it, put it up your butt as a laxative for all I care. I am tired of people getting all wound up because an herbal mixture might make you HIGH. Big effing deal. People use alcohol all day every day for the express purpose of getting drunk, which equals high, altered, inebriated, etc. Get over it already. Sugar gives you a buzz, caffeine is a stimulant, we all look for mood alteration sometimes.

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Deserving compassion is not a prerequisite for receiving it...beauty is in the eye of the beholder, compassion is in the hearts of the compassionate...Be the change you wish to see in the world. Do not reinforce the violence and heartlessness and cruelty that these men have shown.

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Baldwin City police arrest two men on marijuana charges


28 plants sounds like a dealer to me. Laugh all you want, you don't start coke without starting with pot. And a pot dealer house for sure is a target of robbery and violence."

Actually, 28 plants belong to a GROWER and that isn't exactly alot of product so it is likely personal or nearly personal...those guys might sell to a few of their friends but they are a drop in the bucket folks...

As for the gateway drug theory, it is complete bunk. The only correlation is the fact that both are black market items. One high is nothing like the other. There is no comparison.

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