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Myers Liquor files plan for drive-through lane and new retail space at 23rd and Alabama location

Liberal, KS has at least 4 maybe more. I think it falls under city laws.

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Man life-flighted from Lawrence's Virginia Inn after presumed fall

It wasn't Domestic Violence, It was more along the lines of intoxication.

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Eudora speeding ticket dismissed for jurisdiction violation

Speeding is still speeding. Running a red light with a camera is still running a red light. He did "win" or is it "winning" (a la C. Sheen) his court case, but the question remains? Do you want people driving 20MPh over the speed limit in front of your home? Which is almost double the posted limit. Its not a money issue, its following the laws and being safe.

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Kansas House advances repeal of in-state tuition for undocumented students

If an employee shows a SS card, then the employer files that info with the SS department to pay into the fund. As well as an ID card. If the SS administration does not recognize the # as being false, or duplicated. Then it is up to them(govt) to notify the employer that the worker is "illegal, or using a falsified SS to gain employment." the employer is also a victim for the time and money invested. The employers require that a proscpective employee provides the info required for employment, not investigate the means of obtaining the papers. If we "boycotted" companies that Knowingly & Repeatedly hire illegals, then you would make progress with your rants.

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Water leaked into gasoline tanks at a BP

Gas pumps do have filters to keep out debris, as well as your car having a fuel filter. The "trash" in the tankers is at a minimum in relation to quantity of fuel, so both systems of filters should eliminate your concern. As for water, you cant filter that.

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Arizona-style illegal immigration law to be pursued in Kansas

I agree, and don't just stop there. Go to the landlords. Don't allow schools to count a student who does not have papers, to be counted towards the state money per pupil (then they will be looked at as a liability not an asset) I have many friends that have came over, gained citizenship and tried to propser and succeeded. The problem is identifing the ones that are not here legally. I personally think that if a patrol officer can ask me if have been drinking (at 9:00am) for reasons to rule out DUI. He should be able to ask if you are in the country legally. If your answer leads to reasonable doubt, then he can venture to try and find out more. Just like he would on a DUI.

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Arizona-style illegal immigration law to be pursued in Kansas

People that think the cost to keep illegal immigrants is the issue, need to understand the propblems that arrive from the illegal immigrant population. I grew up in SW Kansas and up until the early 90's there was a growing increase in mexican immigrants (most legal, some not) now the expolsion of immigrants in the area is over 65%. Alot of people will say it is because of the beef/pork packing plants, they have actually been around for a lot longer than the influx of mexican immigrants. It is true that the plants employ a vast percentage of immigrants, but when your labor pool is biased towards your population percentage, then your going to have a majority of immigrants working there.
As for the issue of "illegal" immigrants, that is where we need to step in. This is a grownig problem that Kansas is trying to maintian before it is out of control. I have been in an auto accident with a person who "doesn't have id, doesn't have insurance" they get a ticket but never show to court. My insurance has to foot the bill for an accident I didn't cause. The schools have to "aides" who interpret what the teacher is saying to enable the immigrants to understand. All the while, a student who understands english, has to wait. Check out the difference in enrollments at the 9th grade to 12th grade levels, vast majority of students do not finish, compared to other regions of the state. Money leaving the State, if you think it's being reinvested in the community, try getting Western Union to release numbers of money transfers. I am NOT saying that immigration is the problem, it is the "illegal" immigration that is. Many of you may not understand how fast your population might shift, if laws aren't enacted to keep the flow of immigration legal....put it on the employors, put it on the patrol officers....its only 10 years away and you will population shift of over 50% in the NE Kansas region, if we do not create the abilities to enforce "illegal" immigration.

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Former Baldwin bar manager enters no-contest plea to serving alcohol after hours

Not paying your taxes, I can understand shutting it down. But not shutting it down for the actions of an employee. Repeated infractions, then you pull the license.

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Town Talk: Caterer worries about unfair competition from City Hall; Masonic Temple building under consideration; Santa Fe Depot update

Sounds like Maceli's business plan didn't anticipate the fact that some people like affordable places to hold functions. I mean, I've been to many functions at Maceli's and while it looks nice, the same food was served at every event. After two events my company had it's employees decide if they wanted to go back, and gave price comparisons, it was an overwhelming vote to stop the use of this facility. A business that is limited in its usage will be held to the constraints of its customers, especially those who choose by their pocketbook.

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