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This vape store sets the standard for these types of establishments. Staff is awesome. They are all super-friendly and very knowledgeable about all the products they are selling. Great prices, especially on juice. The flavors are awesome, not only for the variety but the juice I get here just tastes better than any other place. I will not buy my juice anywhere else. Plus the hours are great. I stopped in on my way to work a couple of mins before 8 am and Jason already had the store open! I was completely out of juice so this was a godsend. You guys are great! Keep doing exactly what you're doing.

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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

Steamboat has a population of around 12K. No surprise there are so many more commenters on this site, since Lawrence is an exponentially larger community.

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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

While I didn't read all of the comments on this thread, my initial take is that many of the people on here griping about the change rarely post anything to begin with.

Years ago, after I had wrote a particularly nasty comment in response to someone I disagreed with, I decided to only post what I would also be willing to say in person, and in public. It has personally worked well for me, so this change will not be particularly hard. For others who don't adhere to some sort of baseline for their comments, it may prove much more difficult.

I do wish that everyone would stop and think about how many hate-filled, venomous comments are regularly posted on here. Speaking your mind in our virtual town square should come with a certain level of respect, as well as responsiblity.

If you can't handle not having a place to scrawl your anonymous thoughts, then might I suggest the inside of a bathroom stall somewhere.

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Line-cutting, mobbing has KU Athletics reviewing Late Night admittance protocol

Above the hoi polloi then are you?

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Bids for South Lawrence Trafficway come in low; work may begin by mid-October

Another difference between the Marais Des Cygne River wetlands and the Wakarusa wetlands is location.

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Longtime East Lawrence business Miracle Video closing

Whatever it was you agreed to but didn't read when you signed up to comment on this site.

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Will young, healthy people purchase insurance under the Affordable Care Act?

I have spent my entire adult life without health insurance. (I'm 31) Obamacare finally gives me a chance to purchase affordable coverage. Most young adults who do not have any coverage and a modicum of common sense are going to purchase insurance.

Of course, the irony for me here is that I start a new job next week that provides great benefits on day 1. All I can do is chuckle at the timing, and be thankful that I will have coverage from somewhere.

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State board says all teachers should be fingerprinted

What's criminal is how little we pay these teachers.

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Day 2: From the Emerald Triangle to the Sunflower State

The law of supply and demand is what ultimately drives the underground drug market. The "high" profit margins are due to strong demand for a product the traditional marketplace is unable to provide. In one of the articles it states that a pound of pot sells for 2K in California. Locally that same pound sells for 4K. The only difference? "Just down the street...are two medical marijuana shops." Supply is consistent and readily available in the Golden State, while here it is not. Demand in both locations is similar to what it is here, at least in respect to amounts for personal consumption.

If marijuana were legalized, I guarantee you would see an overnight transformation as the traditional marketplace would quickly begin meeting demand. Increased competition and supply would lead to a drop in prices. Accordingly, illicit drug dealers would disappear overnight, unable to compete with economies of scale, efficient supply chains, professional branding and marketing campaigns, etc. The easy money would no longer be easy, and criminals would be out of the pot game.

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