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Kansas waitress’ message to Brownback goes viral

Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Conservative, who cares? They only care about their own office and retirement especially the career politicians. Lets just call them all "Politicians" and leave it at that. Each party has their share of thieves and liars and the blind sheep (voters) that follow them. All they care about is their own popularity and all display a CYA attitude when speaking and making decisions. Politicians are for sale to the highest bidder.

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New City Hall report estimates it will take tens of millions to fix city sidewalks

On my block we have no sidewalk on either side and many homes have trees, shrubs, or bushes up to the curb. So, who picks which side of the street will loose their landscaping? Many residents in my tract are already having their yards dug up to replace some pipes only to have the developers plant a low grade grass seed that comes up mostly weeds, to replace the destroyed lawn.

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Library book sale opens Thursday at Douglas County Fairgrounds

So, the library book sale started. That's all the LJW knows about the fairgrounds?

What about the huge dance party that goes on till
Midnight? (Not sponsored by the library of course) Someone got approved for that. How about a little warning in the paper? 3 blocks away and over 90 decibels. The sheriffs dept defends them saying they do have a special permit. I was wondering how this is effecting the animals in the shelter right across the field. Their walls must be booming like mine.

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Jasmine Turner, of Lawrence, visits with Lisa Kutait, recruitment manager at Lawrence Memorial Hospi

This article embellishes the truth. My wife and I attended this “Career fair” and I must say that these new career fairs are almost a joke. First, the only table accepting resume’s was Manpower (a placement agency) but even then I was told that I needed to go out online, create an account, post my resume, conduct a job search, and fill out their online application. Anyone who has been unemployed and gone through this process knows that to apply online this way takes about 90 minutes minimum to fill out everything and answer all questions. I am not knocking this as I have spent hours online looking for jobs this way. This is how it is done now days. I have accounts with KU, Dillon’s, Hy-Vee, City of Lawrence, LMH etc. Once you do have your information submitted the application process becomes a lot faster if you check daily and apply when there is an opening.
The dozen potential employers simply handed out promotional items with their web address and we were told to go home and upload our resumes. The City of Lawrence only had part time summer jobs available, hardly a career opportunity. There is actually more information available in the Journal World’s Classified section regarding employers who are actually hiring.
The only reason to attend one of these is maybe you win a door prize. Maybe they should start having PC's or laptops available for us to upload our resumes to right then.

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Theatre Lawrence actor Shawn Trimble, left, playing bank robber Clyde Barrow, coerces Lawrence Mayor

Yes the former vault is now home of the restrooms!
(I made a deposit last night after the little skit and dinner.)
The night at Teller's was fun since my sister from CA was visiting and suggested I find a good place to go and have dinner. The whole evening at Teller's was an experience that she and her husband will not forget. Teller's even gave all customers a souvenir postcard and a 1934 penny to take home. Thank You Teller's!

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Stick 'em up: Clyde Barrow bank robbery re-enactment draws a crowd

I agree with poolside, I was having dinner at Teller's and it was fun as far as ibrown3's comments. What's the difference between a golfer with an arm growing out of his a$$ and a blogger with his head up his a$$? Give up? The golfer can still look around and see the world and is not in the dark all of the time! LOL LMBU!

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Police identify boy who drowned at Lone Star Lake

Before everyone starts to comment....Oooops incorrect use of "there" - should be "their son"

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Police identify boy who drowned at Lone Star Lake

Father God, grant these parents the strength to get through this difficult time. Give them peace in knowing there son loved them and knew their love for him. Comfort them and show them your love. Help them through council to live the rest of their lives without guilt, help them financially to pay for the bills that will come with this death. Be with them always and help them to find strength through you.
In Christ - Amen

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Search for missing 7-year-old set to resume Sunday morning

Here are links to the User Policies for posting. Please read them and show me where is says "Rumors or speculation will not be tolerated".



I requested that Jonathan show me as the quotation above was his explanation for my comments being censored. he says that is in the User Policy but I do not see it there.
He says:
"• To engage other users in a respectful discussion. Disagreements of opinion are to be expected, but disagreements should be handled respectfully and should never devolve into endless fighting and bickering.

Your comments are disrespectful."

All I did was quote what my daughter had reported to me. (information) There was no disrespect. These were not comments as there was no commentary, I gave no personal opinion or blame. Jonathan simply did not like what I reported and so he did not wish anyone else to read it so he used his powers at LJW to delete and censor a set of facts as told to me. The LJW had a disagreement with my posting and did not "handle it respectfully".

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Search for missing 7-year-old set to resume Sunday morning

The law specifies Lakes and Rivers not pools, so if the Olympics ever come to Kansas they would be safe. It may even include "where no lifeguard is on duty" I come from the coast, my high School had a surf team and scuba diving offered for PE so I learned to swim at an early age but laws and regulations to protect our children must be discussed and debated or we will see more deaths like this one.

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