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Do you support a bill in the Kansas Legislature to require random drug testing of those receiving public assistance?

Oh, yes. If they're getting my tax dollars - they take the test. Furthermore, every work day (M-F) head of household reports to city hall for job assignment no matter how simple the work. (Our nation could have the cleanest streets, parks, windows, flowerbeds.) If the head of household is a single mom, her job is to babysit for other mom's to work. Disabled can tutor - everyone knows something to teach, even a craft. Your earnings are your welfare check. Nothing in life is Free; earn your own. I have to.

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President Obama's education plan unveiled Tuesday calls for tying teacher pay to student performance. Do you support that idea?

Whoa - back up! Chldren's grades is not the measure of a teacher's success. I've taught in the classroom. No matter how hard you try, there are just some kids who WILL NOT pay attention and learn. Even trying several methods and spoon feeding information; they don't care. To penalize a teacher because of these duds is totally unfair to someone in one of the hardest positions. Now- I do believe in merit compensation. Find the dedicated, hard-working teachers and give them some rewards.

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Former pro wrestler with dementia accused in nursing home death

This is sad. Alzheimer's took my mother and left a stranger adrift in life. It takes a special individual to work with these patients 24-7.

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A tribute to brotherly love

Tender rememberances - thanks.

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Backyard Fence: Snow Angels in Our Own Backyard

JustBeginToWrite and Cool Mom:

Have you read DK's "Odd
Thomas"? I cried at the end.

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Do you already know which presidential candidate you want to vote for?

According to the cartoon Maxine: "Voting is like trying to pick your favorite misquito from the swarm." I agree and my least favorite is Hilary.

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Driver who challenged authority of state found guilty

If the "vessel" was their home, what was she driving?

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Three charged with 2005 slaying in Bonner Springs

I'm really interested how the unrelated crime brought forth evidence to indicate these three were involved in Bell's death. And is their activity related to other unsolved cases? In-ter-es-ting, verry in-ter-est-ing.

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Charges filed in highway deaths

So, Morgan gets 2nd degree. Well, Flores' accident in LVCO killed Amanda Bixby and he was only fined. Can someone simply explain the differences in these cases?

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What do you think of the second-degree murder charges against Ramona Morgan?

So, this woman gets 2nd degree murder and Flores (re: LV CO- Amanda Bixby) only gets fined. There were deaths in both cases - I don't understand. Can someone simply explain the difference in charges?

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