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Forensics participants continue winning ways

Awesome to see all this talent in Lawrence. And thank you, Peter, for continuing to cover the Debate and Forensic activities.

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Letter: Poor showing

mom_of_three: tell that to the 5 who didn't make it. Normally there is not enough candidates running for City Commission to warrant a primary. But with 11 in the race, this primary was very important! If you have a difficult time finding three candidates you are passionate about in the General election, you might be wishing you voted in the primary.

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Letter: Poor showing

I helped one candidate with their election. This candidate did not make it into the top 6. We will never know if the weather played a part in who got out and voted for her or not. But what did make our day was Wednesday, we received an email from a resident of Babcock Place who got out in the weather and rode the T to make sure she was able to help get her voice heard. This is a woman who truly appreciates her privilege to vote in our democratic country.
If this elderly woman made such effort, everyone else could have also. Aside from advance polling being open for three weeks prior to the election, Jamie Shew, our County Clerk, and his team extended advanced voting hours; opened on Sunday; with the help of the Secretary of State had Monday extended to 7 pm. Every candidate that I was following was getting emails, texts, FB messages, calls, etc out to make sure everyone knew. And you know what else Jamie Shew did. He slept in the courthouse, in a sleeping bag, so that he could ensure being at the courthouse Tuesday morning so he could help dispatch drivers to take people to man each polling place. By 7:30 am every polling place was open. The County Clerk's office did an amazing job.
And the result 8.6%. Sad and pathetic for a town like Lawrence where it seems every resident has an opinion. Make your opinion truly be heard on April 2nd and get out and vote in the General Election. Not only do we have the important City Commission race on the ballot but the school bond issue. Let's challenge our special town to double or more the turnout from the Primary Election! And thank you Matthew for your letter!

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Editorial: Extra mile

I couldn't agree more with this Editorial. I am helping one of the candidates with their election. The communication we have been receiving consistently from Jamie Shew and his office has been great. It has allowed us to communicate the extended hours, etc to everyone via emails, Facebook, and word of mouth. Thank you, Jamie and Team, for doing an incredible job in light of the weather!!!

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Free State High School student chosen for Senate Youth Program and scholarship

Congratulations Logan! Well deserved and very happy for you.

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Lawrence debaters headed for state tournament

And Peter, Kalex is correct. As far as grades, I'm not sure on all of them. But in the printed paper, Andrew reflects as a senior which is correct. You can only go by the info given. Peter, thank you for doing this article. It's giving these students and coaches for well deserved recognition. I was texting my son this morning and the team had heard about the article. They were so excited and proud to be recognized. Thank you.

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Lawrence debaters headed for state tournament

I agree with the two posters above. I was so excited to open the paper today and see Parker, Josie and Kalex's picture and the article. My son is there in Hutchinson right now. These students and coaches put so much time into preparing for these meets. My son would say Debate has been one of the most rewarding experiences of his High School years. Thanks to Mr. Plinsky, Miss Ball, Seabury coach, the assistant coaches, judges, and parents who make this all possible. Good luck to Free State, LHS and Bishop Seabury on a successful tournament. And have a safe drive home!!!

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Longtime employee Linda Lassen 1 of 2 laid off at Penn House on Friday

Buckjennings and KiferGhost, I find it very sad that my well intentioned comment about wishing Linda the best of luck has turned into an attack against Leadership Lawrence, banks and myself. I don't know who either of you are since you prefer to come on using aliases but I would be more than happy to sit down with you and let you get to know me. As far as Leadership Lawrence, I think there are a lot of misconceptions in this town regarding the program and would love to invite you to visit with me about it. As far as Peoples Bank, I was employed there for 12 years and am very proud that I worked for Wint Winter Jr. I hope, Buck, that you have taken the time to meet Wint and discuss any concerns you might have about Peoples Bank and banks in general. Feel free to email me at lmafales@aol.com. Otherwise unless you take the time to really get to know the facts, then you are doing yourself and all the fellow anonymous bloggers no service with your comments.

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Longtime employee Linda Lassen 1 of 2 laid off at Penn House on Friday

So sad to hear. Linda was a great asset to Penn House. As funding and donations go down for NFPs, these hard decisions have to be made. Wishing Linda the best.

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Local food pantries collaborate to provide healthy food

And if there is anyone who doesn't play the games, it's Jeremy Farmer . Never have I seen a man so driven to his cause and his community. Thanks for all you and Just Food do. I was down there a week or two ago and their organization is so well organized and the relationship they have with the individuals who came in was incredible. Everyone should be grateful that Jeremy moved back to Lawrence and for how he has turned JustFood around. He's the man!!!

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