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City to consider $1 million loan guarantee for downtown, East Lawrence broadband project

Here is the link to the City Commission agenda and attachments for tomorrow night:

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City to consider $1 million loan guarantee for downtown, East Lawrence broadband project

Dave, I believe the reason that WB is asking for the loan guarantee is upon the request of their bank. From what I have read, WB does not qualify for a loan based on their own financial strength or prior financials. Thus the bank told them they would give them the loan if they could obtain the guarantee from the city. The question we should all be asking ourselves is whether we want the city using our money to pay back this debt should WB default on their loan?

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Editorial: Park process

Richard, it wasn't a fine. He agreed in a settlement to pay the $50,000. See attached....

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High school game-day T-shirts cause stir

Gary, just want to fill you in on a situation several years ago. FSHS had an exchange student playing on their basketball team and he was good. At the LHS/FSHS, the LHS students hung up posters that said "XXX, go back home where you belong". I as a parent found that unwelcoming and offensive. Didn't matter which side of 15th street I was on. I sent an email to both principals about the situation. The reply I got back was "both schools do offensive things and kids will be kids." Still not satisfield with that response. But LJ World who did cover that game did not say one thing in the paper about that situation. That being said, we as parents, are the individuals ultimately responsible for teaching our children right vs. wrong. While kids will be kids, do you think this perception of us vs them; rich vs. poor was all dreamed up by the students or is this a perception that comes down from the adults? Just something to ponder....

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Lawrence High School's forensics program ranked among country's best

Congratulations to Lawrence High and Jeff. Well deserved!!!

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Longtime leader of Ballard Center resigning to focus on recovery from breast cancer

Dianne, wishing you the best as you focus on your health. Thank you for your service to Ballard Center. I will pray you have a quick recovery.

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Election Night Updates: Final unofficial: Amyx, Farmer, Riordan; School bond rolls to victory

Thanks Chad for the continuous updates. Appreciate it.

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Forensics participants continue winning ways

Awesome to see all this talent in Lawrence. And thank you, Peter, for continuing to cover the Debate and Forensic activities.

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Letter: Poor showing

mom_of_three: tell that to the 5 who didn't make it. Normally there is not enough candidates running for City Commission to warrant a primary. But with 11 in the race, this primary was very important! If you have a difficult time finding three candidates you are passionate about in the General election, you might be wishing you voted in the primary.

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Letter: Poor showing

I helped one candidate with their election. This candidate did not make it into the top 6. We will never know if the weather played a part in who got out and voted for her or not. But what did make our day was Wednesday, we received an email from a resident of Babcock Place who got out in the weather and rode the T to make sure she was able to help get her voice heard. This is a woman who truly appreciates her privilege to vote in our democratic country.
If this elderly woman made such effort, everyone else could have also. Aside from advance polling being open for three weeks prior to the election, Jamie Shew, our County Clerk, and his team extended advanced voting hours; opened on Sunday; with the help of the Secretary of State had Monday extended to 7 pm. Every candidate that I was following was getting emails, texts, FB messages, calls, etc out to make sure everyone knew. And you know what else Jamie Shew did. He slept in the courthouse, in a sleeping bag, so that he could ensure being at the courthouse Tuesday morning so he could help dispatch drivers to take people to man each polling place. By 7:30 am every polling place was open. The County Clerk's office did an amazing job.
And the result 8.6%. Sad and pathetic for a town like Lawrence where it seems every resident has an opinion. Make your opinion truly be heard on April 2nd and get out and vote in the General Election. Not only do we have the important City Commission race on the ballot but the school bond issue. Let's challenge our special town to double or more the turnout from the Primary Election! And thank you Matthew for your letter!

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