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Lawrence man, 20, dies at Wichita hospital after chemicals released in his car on I-70 near Manhattan

What a very sad story. As a parent of a child who committed suicide in 2008, my heart goes out to his family who will forever be affected by this tragedy. My thoughts and prayers to his family.

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Search for missing 7-year-old set to resume Sunday morning

Praying also.......

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New, legal, drug has law enforcement concerned — and it's already on a Lawrence store's shelves

I have to say that it's really sad that people are constantly trying to find the next great thing so they can alter reality.
Having lost a child to the effects of drugs, I speak from a bit of experience. Instead of always trying to find that next "high", why don't you just realize that life isn't as bad as you think it is... It could always be worse. Ask me, I lost a child to drugs, I dealt with that reality.......and I've never been high.

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Standoff near Baldwin City continues into early morning

I completely agree with Misplacedcheesehead.....!!! How can some of you be so incredibly insensitive to the plight of this woman and her family? Instead of blogging stupid comments, maybe you should be praying for her safety.. You never know, she could be your friends' mother or sister. Wouldn't you feel awful if she were, and you did nothing but sit idly by and post comments that are pathetic? You should be ashamed. Well, my son DID commit suicide and I wish to God that someone had been there to stop him before it happened!! Now hopefully you can find it within yourself to say a little prayer for her tonight....; )

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