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Bill would require HPV shot for girls

I too am a Lori and a Registered nurse. I have researched this extensively since I was caught off guard when I took my then 11 yeard old daughter in for her school physical before she started 6th grade.

Someone posted that this vaccine was tested on over 40,000 women worldwide. That is WOMEN and WORLDWIDE. No where does it mention the exact number of children this was tested on and of course it showed such results because many women throughout the world DO NOT get routine pap smears which according to a doctor at the Center for Disease Control, CDC, Dr. Hershel Lawson says, "the greatest risk factor for cervical cancer in the United States is not being screened or being screened at intervals greater than 5 years." *One article I read said there may have been as few as 1533 American women in the study.

Also eluding to the safety of the vaccine is the reactive aluminum the FDA allowe Merck to use in the placebo instead of saline solution which is standard. A reactive placebo can artifically incease the appearance of safety. The Gardasil vaccine itself contains 225 micrograms of aluminum and the amount used in the placebo was not disclosed by Merck or the FDA.
Animal and human studies have shown that aluminum can cause nerve cell death and is a known gene mutant.

According to the package insert "Gardasil has not been evaluated for the potential to cause carcinogenity or genotoxicity." It's also not know if the vaccine causes chromosomal damage. There were 5 participants in the clinical trial that got the vaccine near the time of conception and all 5 had babies with some sort of birth defect. Is Merck going to keep track of all these 11 year old girls over the years?
People also should know that if this vaccine gets put on the list of required vaccines, it is then covered under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act which means Merck will not be liable if this turns out to be another Vioxx, which was also a Merck drug.
Up until this both of my kids have been fully vaccinated. But I'm also thankful I don't have small children. The nurse in me sees the benefit of SOME vaccines that do have potiential devastating consequences. But the better informed mom in me has questions about the safety of all vaccines.

It's not that I don't trust modern medicine, but if you really reasearch when some of these diseases started to decline, it had nothing to do with the vaccines, but better sanitation and health practices.
And I'm not worried about my daughter "screwing around" (such a lovely phrase from a teacher), I'm worried about the long term, unknown, effects of a poorly researched but HEAVILY marketed vaccine.

And as a nurse, I believe in patient eductation, (not from the pharmaceutical company), patient rights, (my right to refuse) and informed consent. Which means you don't have to agree with me, but it is my right to refuse on the basis of my research and information.

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