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Fitness club members criticize tree with Birthright message


I truly believe in a weird kind of way you and I our on the same page. We are both HEART BROKEN that our gym has been turned into political arena. We just believe it got there for different reasons. As a long term member I have had many conversations with the owner over the years. She cares greatly about her members and there opinions. Body Boutique is the only gym I ever heard of that has a suggestion box that gets read weekly and the owner personally responds to all of them.

The way I understand it you were the only member who spoke to her regarding the fund raising tree on Friday. Kelly Jones never spoke to the owner, that is one of the many discrepancies in the story. One member out of two thousand brings there concern to the owner and she is suppose to immediately remove what she and many others viewed as a simply fun raiser to help mothers and babies. The owner has a very large job trying to please all her members, all with many different agendas. One member came in yesterday when I was there and said "oh the tree is gone that's too bad". Another person said "I thought it was a baby shower tree for all our new mom's around here". Being in a business that serves people for seventeen year, it does not make since that any business owner would immediately remove the fund-raiser.
I hope we all have learned great lessons from this.

God bless

God Bless

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Fitness club members criticize tree with Birthright message

." I don't shop in places that publicize politics in opposition to mine, plain and simple. I have a friend who refuses to eat at restaurants if they cite religious reasons for being closed Sunday, and won't give homeless people money if they put 'God Bless' on their signs, "

I want to know does your freind stand beside the homeless person and encourage others to not give this homeless person money because of his 'God Bless' sign???? Or is this simply his decision and he allows other to make there own stand? Does he stand there and say... Don't give him money checkout his sign, oh no no he has God on his sign dont help him, go to the next homeless person he has a brown bag you can drop money in but do not help this one... that would be very rude don't you think?

I believe that is the same anolagy these three women are doing. It is so twisted to take a small business just trying to "give" and making a puplic riducule out of it for there own belief and insecurities. I heard a member called to canceal her membership today because of this misscrude article. She has not been in to work out since August' but is affended by the FETUS tree. (up for less than a week in DEC) Excuses excuses excuses... wow what a ugly can of worms these ladies opened. Do you know national average says only 10 percent of people never use there gym membership! Yes they are looking for every and any excuse to get out of this obligation so they can sit at home and eat bon bons or in this case find some one elses life they could disrupt. I find it discusting so many people do not think before they act... or they just think of themselves. Actually it just breaks my heart!

My Gym "technically Hartzler gym" had a sadness about it today while I was there... So unfare. But I do believe good always outways evil and this to will pass!

Good night and God Bless

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Fitness club members criticize tree with Birthright message

I'll tell you whte is wrong with society. SIN

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Fitness club members criticize tree with Birthright message

As a Member I think it is great that my gym does continous fund raisers. I am very proud to say My gym cares about other people and our community. Being a mother with two children and a fabulouse husband and getting through the challenges of raising children IS HARD. I can not imagine raising a child on my own. To me the tree is clearly a way to help mothers who have "chosen" to keep there babies and need assistance! As of now it is a choice. Just like these dicruntle members have the "choice" to walk by the tree and ignore it and go to the work out area and relieve the overly built up tention in there lifes.
As for my children walking by the tree daily... They have never even noticed it. But I agree with with the member up above I would simly say look this the size you where in mommy's tummy at 11 weeks old... isn't that cute!
As a long term member I would like to say Lorinda Hartzler you rock! KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

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