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Offbeat Occupations: Munchers baker owns the night

Love the cream cheese doughnuts and the orange rolls, too! Thanks, Tennysons!

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Baker grad has game plan to help student-athletes

Way to go, Ritchie! You should be so proud of all you have accomplished in spite of the challenges you have faced. Your future students and athletes will be lucky to have you as a coach and teacher.

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Boy’s bar mitzvah project doubles as CASA fundraiser

What a great act of kindness, Ben! indeed, an inspiring story.

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K.C. schools to try grouping students by ability, not grade

This is an excellent idea. Allowing advanced students to move through the curriculum at a pace appropriate for them will give them the opportunity to expand on their experiences and reach a higher potential. Too often gifted students end up doing "seat time" while the rest of the student population catches up. This leads to disengagement and laziness.
Conversely, slower paced students will be allowed the time to focus on the areas they need to in order to master skills necessary to move through the curriculum effectively. No more moving on just because it's the end of another school year.
Whomever decided that students should be grouped by age and not ability had it all wrong. This strategy could well be the way to get our country back on track in competing with other nations.
Way to go, Superintendent Covington!

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First man in family to attend college

Way to go, Aundre! You are a true inspiration!

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After city fills in cracks, road markings become patchy

By the way, interesting that LJW posts a photo of one or two repair lines going through Kasold when the article is written about North 2nd and 3rd Streets. Not a fair representation. You should see the mass of goo on those streets in North Lawrence!

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After city fills in cracks, road markings become patchy

There are so many tar lines from the so-called repair on North 2nd Street, it's downright dizzying driving through there. Repainting the lines won't help this distraction. I would say if there are so many cracks in the asphalt that there will be more tar than asphalt remaining, it's time to repave!

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Twin transformation

It's great to see Marcus and Markieff grow both physically and emotionally. You're an incredible example for the young boys that will follow in your footsteps. Way to go, guys!

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KU sells courtside basketball seats for $15,000 each

I hope that helps pay for the new chancellor's hefty salary.

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