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McLouth student Justin Johnston shot, killed on school trip to Costa Rica; classmates returning to Kansas

I'm so glad that you wrote something on here about how great of a guy he was. I think people are getting too wrapped up in the how or why instead of the fact that a great kid is no longer with us. Thanks........I'm so sorry that you lost your friend like this.

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McLouth student Justin Johnston shot, killed on school trip to Costa Rica; classmates returning to Kansas

It doesn't matter where it happened, just that it happened and now there are parents who lost a son, siblings that lost a brother, kids that lost their friend and a community that lost one of it's own. Thoughts and prayers to this family as they go through the unthinkable.

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Prohibition's last gasps

So if you get a speeding ticket in Mc Louth it doesn't go on your record? Well maybe that is the reason why people still speed. No consequences for your actions leads to not giving a crap about what you do until it's too late.

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Prohibition's last gasps

This whole thing reminds me of the movie "Footloose" where there was a law against dancing. Is that what's next in Mc Louth? Or how about telling Karmann's video store, Casey's and the Library that they can only carry "g" or "pg" rated movies. Wait, I know, I know..Businesses in Mc Louth can no longer sell ciggaretts or caffinated beverages, because both contain addictive substances. Boom, there you have it folks!
I have a worth while cause for people in the area to spend time on...How about the folks coming into town from Lawrence and Oskie and people leaving out towards those places who don't seem to realize or care about the speed limit there? Very few people actually go 35, like they are supposed to. I have gone to city council and apparently nothing can be done about it until someone (most likely a child) has been hit and hurt or killed. How about that cause, folks? Sounds alot more like that issue needs addressed than worrying about a liqour store. A store downtown minding it's own business...who does that hurt? Careless people speeding down the highway mowing down our children and pets hurts us all.

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Prohibition's last gasps

I cannot figure out for the life of me why this liquor has so many people all riled up. Who cares? Do you think that if the liquor store closes that kids won't have people buy them liquor somewhere else? If you are worried about your child obtaining alcohol, maybe you should watch your child a little closer. There is alot of self righteousness going on around here, and maybe some folks should just focus on more important things, such as promoting our school and our library and other things within our town. Hello? What gives any of us the right to judge others and decide what each other can and cannot do? Live and let live. Unless the Karmann's start shoving beer down our throats, I believe this is still America, where we do have our freedom and the choice to just say no. Isn't it?

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