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Lawrence-based company launches salad dressing line, set to make QVC appearance; city commissioners to discuss fun center and police headquarters

I have to say I'm pretty stinkin' excited for this dressing line. I was recently diagnosed with a number of severe food intolerances and as someone that eats a lot more salad now due to this I've struggled finding dressings that fit the restrictions and these do! Looks like I'll be making the trek to JOCO soon to visit Whole Foods! Thanks for sharing this news!

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Ottawa University campus reopens after police investigate suspicious package

Tauy Jones is not a dorm. It's where the president, HR, alumni and marketing department offices are.

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Should the city and school district add lighting to Free State High School's tennis courts?

As someone living nearby the courts I would love lights there - it would indeed be helpful!

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Knology to no longer provide 2 Topeka stations

On side note in relation to the article - I agree that losing the Topeka channels stinks because I, like many others, watch those channels when storms are bad. I'll just make sure to tune into WIBW instead of KTKA.

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Knology to no longer provide 2 Topeka stations

No, don't you get it - you guys raised the contract prices so much that our owner had to let you guys go. You're keeping my business for a while longer but we're not happy. I'll pass your info. to my husband I guess...

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Knology to no longer provide 2 Topeka stations

I continue to be frustrated with Knology. (Yes, I understand that this issue may not entirely be their fault) Recently though Knology raised the contract rates on the apartment complex I live in by apprx. $2,000, and the owner said that was a no go. So, we've had about a month and a half to figure out what to do next for our TV situation. With the contract with the apartment we were only paying $16.30 a month which can't be beat. We'd like to get AT&T U-verse since we already have their internet, but unfortunately they don't have the lines laid down yet. So, we're sticking with Knology for a while longer until we figure things out by going with the oh so lovely package they've created for the apartment complex with forces us to go with their internet and TV b/c once we factored in cost this will be the most cost effective. I still want to play with the math and see if we can walk away from Knology because they are just so money hungry.

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Lowe’s asks for indefinite deferral of request to build west Lawrence store

I find myself agreeing. A Dick's Sporting Goods or a Sports Authority would be so helpful. I understand there are local sports stores but lets just face it, they are not like the "big" stores. Past Garry Gribbles for shoes I have to travel to JoCo for my athletic apparel shopping.

On a side note...I really don't want the Lowe's. But that's mostly b/c my husband works for the Home Depot Dist. Center in Topeka. :-)

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E. Hall: We were in a pinch and called up Adorable Animal D...

I stand by my review.

I believe that if the groomer had an issue with how the dogs were then they could have said something and used the moment to teach. You didn't try to communicate with us at all.

There are a number of spots that were missed on each dog. On the Shih Tzu, we took her to the vet a few days later because of the sores...she's developed allergies and was scratching herself too hard. The nurses kept laughing and commenting on how horrible her grooming job was. We take the dogs to the groomer about 3 times a year, which is not as much as we wish we could, but the point is, no one else has ever cut them this short and goofy looking before.

I'm glad others are happy, but the point of this marketplace review section is to allow both sides. Compared to others this business did an incredibly subpar job.

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We were in a pinch and called up Adorable Animal Designs because the summer heat had approached quickly for our dogs and we couldn't get in quick enough to some of the places we've gone in the past. Getting our dogs in was also 'no problem,' but customer service and the finished product not so great, which of course lets us know why getting them in was 'no problem'. One star doesn't even cut it. I recommend spending your money elsewhere, like Pawsh Wash or K-9 Kuts in Baldwin. Our dogs look horrible, granted they were a mess to begin with but they've been much worse and have come out looking actually normal at other local groomers.

Priding themselves on hand scissoring is just wonderful, especially when they didn't even try to keep any of our Shih Tzu's facial hair. It's gone, all of it, despite instructions to leave facial hair as long as they could on all 3 dogs we brought to them.

Note: we did call to discuss our upset and to let them know that we wouldn't be coming back and they were argumentative and said, "that's fine," to end the conversation. We did question them about why they ended up cutting as much hair from the faces as they did, and they just had excuse after excuse. Again, we've gone elsewhere and they've taken the time to work with their faces, and not just cut it off. "Awesome" customer service and good job trying to ease the customer's stress.

Trust us, go elsewhere. We now have 3 dogs that look horrible, don't take your chances.

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What's that thing on the 6News Towercam?

A wasp.

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