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Homosexuals in Boy Scouts a Bad Idea

The problem isn't about homosexuality or religion... the problem is asking your kids to lie about themselves. If you're a homosexual... you just have to admit it and others just have to accept it. Why are we asking our kids and scouts to lie?

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Letter: An angry rant

Napoleon had once said, "Let China sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world."

Sometimes, you just have to learn how to differentiate the truth and the lies what the Media says about China... just as what the Media likes to pick and choose stories for you.... for example, CNN runs a news today that Russia is withholding information on one of the Boston's bombers... yet the US neglects all the information from the Russian authority about the bombers. The media likes you to believe in things they believe in. Despite the ranting about China and cheap imports, many fail to truly understand the dynamics of the global economy.

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Hundreds gather at candlelight vigil for Ottawa homicide victims

That few nuts screwing up the rest of us... I'd say...

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Brownback signs into law measure making KDOT secretary the director of operations of Kansas Turnpike

That is what I thought too.... conservatism is all about small government, and yet, Brownback wants highway to be part of the government?

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KU players' tattoos tell life stories

I am surprised by some of your comments.

Tattoo, like how ladies want to dress, is up to the individual. Do you think a woman who dressed sexily deserved to be looked at as a slut or deserved to be molested or raped? The answer is really clear. Yes, employers have the right to ask them to cover up and dress appropriately since employers are paying. Tattoo is the same.... do you judge someone by their tattoo? My answer is no, they should look at their resume and brain before they employ them. They have the right to request you cover up your tattoo while at work. But their tattoos are their own problem, not for us to judge.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Lawrence's March Madness of 1912

When you see how people use socialism and Nazism, it's easy to understand why people don't understand the difference between weather and climate. George Bush sounds as like Hitler and Obama sounds as like Castro base on their theory. :)

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Tuesday snow storm

The best thing about Lawrence is that you get once in a while snow, unlike in the South you get nothing, and in the North, you get too much... :)

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Lawrence schools now out of snow days

Parents should be more engaged into their kids' education. Schools can run out of school days, teachers can teach badly, schools can have drug issues..... if parents refuse to take up the responsibility to teach their kids at home after school, and depend heavily on school, we'll get lousy kids....

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More snow on the way tonight; Lawrence schools, KU, others closed Friday

You can get this information on Weather Channel... they're pretty accurate... :)

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