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Endowment provided nearly $120 million to KU in 2013

That's what people do... they don't bother to read and understand and assume they know EVERYTHING. That's how the shutdown happens.... people don't read the details of Obamacare...

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Endowment provided nearly $120 million to KU in 2013

The donors normally indicate what and how they want their funds to be used. Most of the funds (if not all) cannot be used towards tuition. In order to assist the students, a significant portions of the fund go towards scholarships and financial assistance. A significant part of the tuition is used towards these scholarships too. Thus desirable and qualified students normally get some kind of scholarships, which means they pay less tuition than their less qualified peers. In addition, the universities do not get money to pay for facilities and buildings, so a lot of these donations go towards the construction and expansion of these facilities. The Kansas government does not provide much for the expansion of KU. The tuition isn't enough to fund many of these projects. The parents and students often complain of poor facilities.. so where's the money coming from? Endowment... take for example, a significant portion of the new engineering buildings come from donations.... very little from tuition. The increase in tuition goes towards the employment of new faculties, and new equipment for new students. The new buildings in engineering cost millions.... you think tuition is enough to pay for all of them? They come from the Fed and donations... that's how all these projects get funded.,

I'm appalled by what I see on comments, how little people know before they make comments. It's just like how people think of Obamacare... you have to read the bills and understand things first before you assume.

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KU journalism professor Guth placed on leave as school reviews comment he made on Twitter on shootings

We've freedom of speech... but we don't have freedom of action.... if such freedom of speech imposed on him is imposed on everyone, a few news stations should have been closed...

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State moving ahead on science standards

A million likes!!!!

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State moving ahead on science standards

Most people who are anti-evolution theory are stuck in Darwin's book.... they are not aware of latest research and finding beyond evolution... one of the branches is called Genetic Engineering.... It's more controversial than evolution... genes are slowly modified by nature and time in evolution... modern genetic engineering is the work of men.... who have no understanding of potential impacts and dangers..

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State moving ahead on science standards

scientific hypothesis and theory are still considered science, they are real science. Science can never become a hard fact... there could be a second or third approach of explaining gravity, for example. If someone discover that, it could potentially lead to other scientific discoveries. Science is very different from religion... in religion, you accept what's being said to you... in science, it's a reasoning and perception, that other scientists can dispute. You can refute any scientific evidences and theories at anytime you wish... it's called journal publications.... they're peered reviewed.

You're quite confused with science, Sir.... you should educate yourself about sciences first... then you'll improve your ability to differentiate "real", "theories", "concept", "hypothesis" etc. With your confused mind, it's very difficult to truly understand what science really is.

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KU journalism professor Guth placed on leave as school reviews comment he made on Twitter on shootings

Are we as Americans, too obsessed with threats (of words) that carry no substance, but neglect real threats (with real weapons) that come without words? Often times, I do not have statistics to back me up, nutjobs that spread bullets at people, do not send threatening messages to anyone... they just show up and shoot.... you know people who speak like Guth do not have any potential threat... and yet we choose to focus on him, and neglect the real threats of people who want to use their weapons to hurt someone....

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KU journalism professor Guth placed on leave as school reviews comment he made on Twitter on shootings

Other than the 1st Amendment.... tenure is to protect academic freedom.. as long as it doesn't hurt anyone... where is the freedom?

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Advocates for gay rights still face long road to marriage equality in Kansas

Marriage has no meaning to modern society.... if we can clearly define inheritance, spouses able to be on your insurance and enjoy welfare as other heterosexual spouses etc... we do not need to be married to procreate.... you can literally sleep with someone and then have a baby.... you can also adopt a child... the worry you will have is when someone can claim you as the supporter.... if it's your sperm. Many many other issues... and we need to be proactive in making these adjustments to our laws and then we won't need marriage after all.... and then we'll walk out from the divorce mess.... and cheating problem, if the society chose so....

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Homosexuals in Boy Scouts a Bad Idea

In the military and in real life, women and men trained together. We've been taught that women can dress anyway they want, or men do anything they want, the opposite sex or same sex has no right to assume they're inviting advances. We're not living in stone age, nor we want to protect our kids to a level where we ignore all the realities of the world, so that they can be the one who protect themselves... when someone molested them, they have to tell their parents etc. We have to teach our kids to not lie.... if they feel like they're different... let it be. If your religion has an issue with it, let them learn. It's ok for a man to supervise girls, but we need to define what's ok and what's not. We have a whole court to defend the rights of young kids. If parents chose to ignore these facts and insist that we need to separate gays from non-gays... and gays have to lie to participate in boy scouts.... are we eliminating the problems? We're just worsening the problem.

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