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Do you think the city of Lawrence needs a policy about drones?

Transgender folks already exist in Lawrence. As far as I am aware, drones do not.

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This rendering from the planning firm Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas and Co. shows how KU's Jayhawk Bo

From the article:

The new canopy would contain some disease-resistant elms similar to the historic ones, with some other species mixed in. That should ensure this one stays in place for years to come, Modig said.

“We’re putting a variety in so we have some resistance to disease wiping out everything,” he said.

They must have read your mind!

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Proposed course requirements for CLAS students would still require foreign language, lab experience, but no Western Civ

I don't exactly regret taking Western Civilization; I always found the texts covered in the classes to be remarkably interesting and am glad to have read them. However, while in school I found myself feeling as if the time I spent on Western Civilization coursework would in many ways have been better spent on coursework that was more aligned with my own objectives in pursuing a degree. Then again, many of the books covered in the classes were ones that I would have (and did) read on my own for leisure anyway.

I see the proposed slimming down of the gen-ed requirements as a potentially good way of increasing the value of a KU degree to a graduate in the modern job market, as it would seem to allow for greater involvement in higher-level coursework within one's major or areas of interest.

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Letter: Gender bias

The phrase "it is what it is" sure would seem to apply here. Consumers consume what they are interested in consuming, and media outlets such as the Journal World tend to catch on and act accordingly. It comes down to what MOST people in Lawrence are MOST interested in, sad as it may be to some.

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Developer seeking $800,000 in public improvements to aid multimillion-dollar East Lawrence art gallery

"Those apartments — the bulk of which are rent-controlled because the project received tax credits from the state — were fully leased in the first 12 hours the project began taking applications. "

Unfortunately for the sake of your idea, it doesn't appear that there are any empty apartments.

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Lawrence woman files lawsuit against Lawrence Wal-Mart alleging sexual harassment

I could certainly be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure you're several years behind on your Wal-Mart commercials with the comment about the yellow smileys and falling prices (then again I don't own a TV).

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Work on new West Lawrence Starbucks progressing; developers still looking for other tenants for the building

What do you suppose is special about people who live "out there"?

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Letter: Multiple myths

I'll second that.

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KU fraternity suspended by national organization in wake of animal cruelty allegations

"people are hurt and killed everyday. nothing from you. a turkey is killed? String them up! i feel ill."

Right, because no one ever cares or even reacts when people are murdered. Tortured? Heck, I've been know to fall asleep when I hear about people getting tortured...because I'm so bored!

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