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Do you prefer Star Wars or Star Trek?

Actually, this depends on which Star Trek you're talking about. In my mind, The Original Series is the best and cannot possibly be topped by anything. Sure, TNG had Old Baldy, but it was preachy and boring. DS9 had that guy who played Hawk in "Spenser: For Hire", but he wasn't even bald until the third or fourth season, so that's out. Voyager had Captain Jane Hathaway who turned into a salamander along with her helmsman after breaking the warp ten barrier and they had little salamander babies together. Ick.

And let's not even talk about Enterprise or the Abramsverse movies.

Now, on to Star Wars. The first two were pretty good, but after that it descended into George Lucas' obsession with teddy bears and CGI. The prequel trilogy was a travesty, except for that Darth Maul guy. I still watch that one to this day just so I can make fart noises at my TV when Darth Maul glowers at the screen and growls under his breath.

But none of that can compare to Captain James T. Kirk talking a computer to death. IMHO!

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What is the perfect graduation present?

A job.

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KU student killed in crash on U.S. Highway 59

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State orders Children's Playpen in Lawrence closed amid drug sale allegations

You'd think having an adequate supply of pot on hand would be a requirement in that line of work.

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Lawrence High graduate Noel Fisher was one of a number of Ohio State University students to greet Pr

So that's what a chick with three boobs looks like.

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'K-State' getting new brand

I guess the old "Silo Tech" and "Moo U" designations have fallen out of favor as well.

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Would you go to a resort built at Clinton State Park?

The best time I ever had at Clinton Lake involved pulling an inflatable boat stocked with beer, whiskey, food and a girl out to that rock island just offshore from Bloomington Park. We got drunk, roasted some frozen eggrolls and burritos on sticks over a campfire. Nudity was involved. We woke up covered in wolf spiders and a passing fisherman stopped to gawk and ask if we were okay. Fun times, man. I'd like to see any resort top that.

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What do you know about the recent Colorado wildfires?

Domestic engineer?

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