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Kobach considering filing charges against protesters who came to his home

You have a legal right to walk onto someone's property to ring their doorbell and speak to them. You probably don't have the legal right to protest on their front porch. That being said, it isn't "trespassing" unless you're asked to leave and refuse to do so, or unless there is a "posted: no trespassing" sign.

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Editorial: Privacy lost

Wow, this isn't what I expected from LJW - I guess just like in Topeka the "editorial board" has ZERO in common with everyone else in the city?

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Roberts, Moran vote against expanded background checks in gun sales

We do that to our state-level senators and representatives; doesn't seem to work.

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Roberts, Moran vote against expanded background checks in gun sales

This bill didn't affect private sales - that's the NRA's number-one lie. This bill would only have affected commercial sales. But the gun-lobby lies and the far-right outcry in response sealed the amendment's fate before it even had a chance. Welcome to post-Citizen's United democracy in America.

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Editorial: Guns on campus

So how come all those weapons when you were "free under the Tsar" didn't help prevent the Revolution? Oh, that's right... they were used IN the Revolution! Brilliant.

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Editorial: Guns on campus

Brandishing a firearm or threatening deadly force is not a legally protected response to simple assault. You sure could have fired your weapon at those "db"s, but you would have gone to jail.

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Editorial: Drought woes

Your technology isn't clean - sure, it can burn anything - whether renewable or not - but "smoke recirculation" doesn't make it a clean solution. Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) *is* a practice that can reduce NOx emissions, but you do nothing for SOx, PMx, toxic metals, or CO2.

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An unexpected convergence of several elements resulted in a unique weather feature photograph. While

I loved the essay accompanying this photo, but the photo itself could stand a wee bit of editing. The texture of the ripples is fantastic but they are lost in 2/3 of the photo.

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Statehouse Live: Kobach says he didn't equate homosexuality with criminal behavior

A separate platform statement passed by the same committee (I don't know whether any of the actual full-body voting has occurred yet at the Convention) explicitly denies any support for gay marriage or civil unions.

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Parts of Lawrence already have super-fast Internet

Nice to see this "article" is 80% copy+pasted from the one a couple weeks ago. Since when did LJW become a personal ad space for Wicked Broadband? And isn't there a difference between "offering" service and "providing" it? The answer is yes: so let's hear it, does Wicked Broadband actually *provide* gigabit service to any customers? Are they really taking in $11/person/month as another comment suggests? That could easily top $1,000/mo. and when you have that many people online, the "gigabit" service gets divided up among all of them.

This isn't a "service" to the community - it's a marketing ploy, a scam, a get-rich quick scheme, and it seems LJW is in on it.

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