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Burglar steals jewelry from home while resident sleeps

Lynn didn't say anything about a "constantly barking, neglected dog." Our dogs would both bark loudly if we were asleep and someone tried to come in our house. They are extremely pampered and well taken care of-- they just hear things better than we do and alert us of potential danger. They are good watch dogs even when they are asleep in our bed at our feet!

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23rd Street Zarco 66 robbed Sunday night

..don't care about **their** customers...put in **their** pockets...seriously, is it that hard?

November 26, 2012 at 8:17 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Jury trials set for Chicago area couple whose children were found tied up outside Lawrence Walmart

Maybe it's because there have been so many articles about these horrible parents in the past....I'm sure (I hope) similar comments were already made on those articles...

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40 years ago: KU band attacked by K-State students

Wow, what jerks!

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Library project moves forward

I definitely agree that the post office needs a face lift next! And, you are right, much better than it is now. I guess a little variety in architecture keeps things interesting.

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Library project moves forward

I think it's an interesting design, but I do think they should have done something more old-fashioned to match the cool, old buildings downtown.

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